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Fred Ferguson
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March 21, 2011
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Aug. 29
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Hilton Head Island, SC USA
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Board 1 from the 08/28/2018 Common Game
The philosophy of active ethics tells us that winners should be determined solely by skill, flair and normal playing luck. ie., not playing "the person whom you are playing against", however, we know that (especially in club games) is not the case … this is often referred to as being fixed ...
Board 5 from the 08/21/2018 Common Game
Obviously, I don't like North passing … sitting in balancing seat I think North has to ask the question "Where are the points in this deal?" If East has preempted 3M, it would be different but against 3D all partner has to do is bid 3M.
Board 3 from the 08/21/2018 Common Game
As I say "Minor suit slams are maybe the most often missed matchpoints opportunity in duplicate bridge."
Board 1 from the 08/21/2018 Common Game
T1 CQ cK cA c3 T2 c10 cJ c4 c5 (CJ drops the C10) T3 lead up to the c86 With good defense, E/W should win CA and C9 (2 club tricks)
Board 7 from the 08/14/2018 Common Game
Ok … not arguing on this deal.
Board 6 from the 08/14/2018 Common Game
LOL if makes you feel better change "useable" to "questionable" here is the point on North's first response North knows the singleton HQ must be played on the first heart trick, and thus, its "real value" is not quantifiable it may be worth 0, 1, 2 or maybe 3 ...
Board 7 from the 08/14/2018 Common Game
I try not to make my analysis a "what's new in the convention world" type of analysis. Often, as I did this week on Board 1 mention use of the convention BROMADs, but Puppet is different. If a player chooses not to play Puppet that's ok, but players ...
Board 6 from the 08/14/2018 Common Game
The problem with the HQ is that it is a singleton. Yes! it might add promotion value to partner's heart suit, where if partner has HJ10xxx, the HQ will promote value to partner's J and 10. But because it is a singleton it will be required to be ...
Board 13 from the 07/03/2018 Common Game
Yes, you are right on both accounts: it is a hard slam to bid and 4S as average is what I expected. But I get the questions all the time "can this slam be bid" and "how would you bid slam". And the only way was for East to treat ...
Board 9 from the 07/03/2018 Common Game
LOL when the opponents have not found at fit at the 4-level, why would North help them out in the auction?

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