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Frank Pancoe
Frank Pancoe
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 9, 2012
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with one of Chicago's best players (cousin- in-law) when I was 16.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning regional KO against "old "guys when I was 25
Favorite Conventions
Not a bidding convention - but obvious shift- when it works its almost as good as you know what
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Copy of Bridge Winners Standard
2 over 1
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ATP- Match Points
There was no break in tempo by the 6-3-1-3 hand. This was a case of two very experienced players thinking their partner was to blame for an avoidable zero.
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: --- AKT9 AQ7653 AKQ
The treatment of 2c-2d-3h showing a d/h hand swings the decision to opening 2c. Hope partner doesn't bid 2h.
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: --- AKT9 AQ7653 AKQ
The treatment of 2c-2d-3h showing a d/h hand makes the 2c opening more appealing.
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
Hastert's sentence was only for illegal bank transfer structuring. The child molestation charges could not be prosecuted because they took place beyond the statute of limitations.
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: 4 K8632 J86 AJT5
To all the doublers and two heart bidders- how are going to feel when your partner is forced to bid two spades on a five card suit ?
Where did you learn to play bridge?
From parents Goren paperback . Then found duplicate game in Yellow pages. A few years later fell in with Woolsey / Bjerkan/Protko crowd at University of Illinois
Grand National Slams
These hands made for a very useful practice session. Good luck in Toronto, Chicago team!
Thomas van der Hoeden's bidding problem: JT83 AQJ A963 52
What is partners double?
Frank Pancoe's bidding problem: x AQx KQJxx AQxx
The 5d bid was made after a hesitation of over one minute
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: A53 J96 72 JT984
I am puzzled about the 75% vote for pass. Its MP and we have at least 21 HCP and a decent 5 card suit. . How can we be content collecting 50 or 100 defending?

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