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Frank Lipniski
Frank Lipniski
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May 18, 2012
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Feb. 21
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Ross & Frank
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Can you preemp and then bid again?
In my partnership, a vulnerable minor preempt to the 3 level shows a good suit and a willingness to play 3N. The 2nd reason for 3 was to make it harder to find a 44+ spade fit. A simple 2 bid lets lho double (or if playing negative ...
Can you preemp and then bid again?
Both 5 and 5! S make just 5
Yet another ATB
East 100% How is west to know east has that good of a hand (this assumes 2S was intended as weak).
What to rebid?
John, by definition 2S shows ONLY a 5 card suit. (we bid 2N with 6+). It also denies a biddable 2nd suit. Thus there is an inference that partner is minimum (no 3N showing 5332 and 15-17 or possibly 18+) either 5332 ish or a minimum with clubs (we don ...
What to rebid?
Paul, your stand that 3 "told him all" neglects one thing, strength! Yes we are in a forcing auction, but I can force with 12ish and with 20. How can partner know how high to go? In addition. partner has denied 4 diamonds so doesn't my bidding 3D ...
What to rebid?
oops! I just noticed that I made a mistake on opener's hand. It should have been: AJ10xx x 98xx AQx I know that this is a MINIMUM, but my bidding would have bid the same regardless. I tried for split diamond honors but no good
What to rebid?
With such weak diamonds, I would have suppressed them to rebid 2S and limit my spade length and imply a minimum. I like Ron, play that an immediate minor raise shows extras, so the 2 followed by 3 shows the minimum club raise. Personally I liked the auction ...
What to rebid?
Doesn't 3 (when partner all but denied 4) tend to show a more distributional hand with no interest in 3N (something like 64 in the minors with no heart card) and looking for a high minor contract? Playing matchpoints, shouldn't we try for 3N if possible? I ...
What to rebid?
Went down 3. Both honors were on my left and he led An honor then shifted. Righty eventually got in and led a heart and away went troubles down the drain!
fun with freaks
It was a first time partnership and my partner did bid 4. Not sure of his style, I passed and only later thought of 5. I asked my regular partner and he said he would have bid 2. Though my opening bid would have been 1H, in ...

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