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Frank Lipniski
Frank Lipniski
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May 18, 2012
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July 16
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Gazzilli Question
Then what do you bid with a 5=3-32 minimum? 2 lets responder pass with 5 hearts and no game interest
how do you bid these hands?
My initial assumption was 3 natural forcing...…...but this partner is quick on the trigger with a slam try, so I wasn't SURE if he wasn't making a slam try in clubs. Afraid to "cue bid" spades, I tried to show a minimum with 4 (but ...
how do you bid these hands?
However, I came up with a fix for this style: cue bid twice with a strong fit; cue bid then raise is invitational; cue bid then new suit is a natural game force. I wish I had thought of that before! Ps: Using the amended scheme above, a 3H jump ...
how do you bid these hands?
We had no agreement that cue then 3 was a suit
What is the weaker call?
If 3M is the weakest call, then the pass could be used to show a maximum minimum (invitational opposite a maximum) and keep partner from bidding game with extra strength over the 3M signoff.
No Drury in 4th seat?
What is the best meaning for the double of a cue bid?
In this hypercompetitive environment I think it is more important to show a hand that has some values willing to compete to the 3 level versus the 3 preemptive raise. Now opener will be better placed to bid on or double. The defensive hands without a fit can double ...
Scrambling or GOSH
If you play equal level conversion, the cheapest new suit bid would be a scramble (here 2) and other bids are GOSH. To show a GOSH in the cheapest suit you must jump (if your suit here was spades you would have to jump to 3S, the downside of ...
Opening 10 HCP 6m331 hands playing Matchpoints
I open 1m with both (7 losers, 2 quick tricks, rebid, lead director, major suit support with a singleton). So what's not to like!?
No Drury in 4th seat?
I play a different form of Drury by a passed hand. 2 show 4+ trumps and ANY strength. 2 shows a limit raise with 3 trumps and 2M shows a single raise with only 3 trumps. If opener has no game interest opposite any limit raise, he closes ...

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