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Is Bridge a sport ? The F-N case.
"100,000 Frenchmen can't be wrong..." Yes, we can
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: AKT K943 K4 AKT9
so, partner would sign-off with say Jxxx AQxxx Ax Qx and would encourage with Qxxx AQxxx Ax xx ? our partnership level of discussion is not yet as precise ;)
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: AKT K943 K4 AKT9
"I think that 4♣ would have been preferable over 3♠." I don't understand what would be the benefit of 4 when the needed information is now the number of keycards and Q.
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: AKT K943 K4 AKT9
yes 3 sets trump
Anybody know link to article show BBO on iPad being used for a standard bridge session?
that one maybe ? :
Choose your opening bid and continuation
If classic french standard, 1 1 3NT would show a balanced hand, 18-19 with a fit.
So, you're playing 2/1 with an expert partner with a not very extensive discussion period...
FWIW, this is what i play: no 1st or second round control in no A or K or first or second round control in a really mediocre opening would have bid 3NT over 3.
"Why were the french team in closed room allowed to wear smart watches?" in order to be able to receive the boards diagrams before playing them of course
No finesse, but plenty of class
crossruff now ? 1 club, 2 master trumps, 2s, 2s and 5 ruffs, i may have overlooked something...
How would you rule ?
Godefroy, yes it was imp (IC Ligue). By the way, the posted problem was just theoretical as West didn't call indeed the director. It was a friendly match and the N/S pair is more known for its lack of competence than for its lack of ethics :-) EW are ...

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