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RKC Queen-Ask => 5NT ?
case 2), what do you bid with : - Q without K ? - no Q ?
RKC Queen-Ask => 5NT ?
FWIW, here's what i play: case 1: Q+K case 2: Q may have K
So many mouse clicks.
it worked well on ubuntu as well, if not working on a i-something is supposed broken, i guess you're right...
So many mouse clicks.
and even more sad, the previous previous version is (was) not "broke" at all
Sequel to "A simple, little survey".
responsive, nothing specific about s ?
Franck Guerrero's bidding problem: KJ62 96 KJ2 AK92
upon 2, opener would have bid 4 showing 3451 or 3460. upon 2: opener's choices are: 2 : 3c, minimum in context 2NT: any hand without 4c or 3c, stoppers in and 3 : strength, no 4c, no 3c ...
Meaning of spades bids in a XYZ auction
FWIW, there is what i play: 1 : natural, GF, 4+ 2 : natural, GF, 6+, 5+ 2 then 2 : inv with 5 4 2 then : stopper ask
French carding agreements
I was not discussing what is the best approach but only what is fairly standard over here. And yes, the 7 could come from (suit contract): H107x, H97x, H87x, 1087x, 7810, 789, 7x
French carding agreements
"8753 the normal lead is 8 to show even." Perhaps, it was the normal lead some time ago but nowadays the normal lead would be 7.
How many spades?
"oh and AJMO HRVATSKA" maybe next time ;-)

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