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Frances Hinden
Frances Hinden
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May 27, 2014
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about me

I'm based near London, England and fit as much bridge as I can round my day job working in corporate treasury. I'm also vice-chairman of the EBU Laws & Ethics Committee. I play a complex system but find defence and declarer play more interesting than 'assign the blame' bidding problems.

United Kingdom

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Twice winner of the British Gold Cup and the Camrose, won the English Premier League and the Spring Foursomes. I sometimes play on the English Open team and reached the QF of the 2016 Olympiad
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Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton
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ATB - -930
Pass is a call, not a bid.
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
OK, here's a different scenario. You open 1NT You see partner grab hold of the 3NT cards, pull them out of the bidding box and put them on the table. As she does that the 3NT card slips off the pile and slides onto the floor. Partner doesn't ...
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
"How can this NOT be illegal for your partner to say this and then it gets changed?" Because it's not. It's a game, those are the Laws.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: J KQJ7542 KQ J43
One hand proves nothing, but - Pass and lead a heart is -420 - Pass (or double!) and lead a diamond is +50 - 5 was chosen at both tables in the match. We gained 7 imps when our -1100 scored up with +1400.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: K6 64 JT98654 Q3
People always like to know what would have worked at the table. I bid 5 but on reflection I think that was wrong. If you do some mental simulations of what partner might have for the double, you come to the conclusion (or I did after the fact) that ...
ATB - -930
East's suggested 4 bid would not be a success if West had QJ10xxx x x Q109xx
ATB - -930
I wouldn’t necessarily have started with 2s as east, but west’s pass was beyond absurd
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
"What a brilliant idea. Now we can play our 4-3 club fit at the 3 level instead of our 4-4 spade fit at the 2 level" Why on earth would we do that? After a support double, partner will bid 2 unless he is making a game try. Our ...
When your tires are flat
Why treat insufficient bids differently? You can't accept an inadvertent sufficient bid.
When your tires are flat
There's no difference between a sufficient bid and an insufficient bid here. Partner opens 1 something. RHO bids 1H. You bid 1NT. RHO now says that he always intended to bid 2H but the 1S-2H cards were blown onto the floor by an unexpected gust of wind from the ...
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