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Frances Hinden
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May 27, 2014
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I'm based near London, England and fit as much bridge as I can round my day job working in corporate treasury. I'm also vice-chairman of the EBU Laws & Ethics Committee. I play a complex system but find defence and declarer play more interesting than 'assign the blame' bidding problems.

United Kingdom

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Twice winner of the British Gold Cup and the Camrose, won the English Premier League and the Spring Foursomes. I sometimes play on the English Open team and reached the QF of the 2016 Olympiad
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Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton
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Can you help "junior" PART TWO (Read part one first)
I don't understand why opponents' range is relevant. Bidding gains when we cannot get our diamond tricks on defence against NT. Bidding loses when we can.
Can you help "junior" PART TWO (Read part one first)
He is saying that partner w/should have bid looking at KJ10xxx and the ace of hearts, whatever his shape.
Can you help "junior" on this defensive problem?
There is no way declarer would discard a heart winner to keep a club loser. Therefore declarer is 5422.
How does one go about this?
Cashing the club ace can cost an overtrick. The OP carefully doesn't tell us the form of scoring. Suppose LHO has KQ 10xxx Q10xx 109x cashing the CA first costs us an extra trump loser holding us to 10 tricks. Or suppose RHO has AK J9x QJ10xx Q10x (and ...
Bergen Raises Over Major And Double (BROMAD)
No, because according to the OP 2 is a 3-card limit raise. That is exactly the point.
How does one go about this?
It used to be ace of diamonds at trick 3, or at least it was when I voted for it. Edit: ace of diamonds at trick 2, not trick 3. Ace of diamonds before ace of clubs (and I am less certain about cashing the ace of clubs than the ...
Bergen Raises Over Major And Double (BROMAD)
I wouldn't play a scheme after 1Mx where the only way I can show something other than support for partner is at the 3-level. This is stronger than 'prefer'! I do usually have a bid to show a 3-card raise (typically playing transfers this is 2M-1 but it doesn ...
Your call after 2!c opener’s penalty double
Opener had either a strong balanced hand with decent spades, a straight out penalty double that he doesn’t want you to pull, a two suiter or a three suiter. Single suiters bid, strong balanced hands bid 3nt. That leaves four hand types to fit into two calls. There is ...
Your call after 2!c opener’s penalty double
Do you think partner shouldn’t double with Akqx A axxx aqxx ? This is a real problem and suggesting that if it is right to pull, partner shouldn’t have doubled, is unfair Does he have that, or does he have kqjxx akqx - akqx
Jump shift after 2/1 game force
It's a bit of a worry to agree with Burn about bidding, but there is some merit in this. Playing 2/1 I play specifically the two auctions 1 - 2m - 3 as 5-5 and extra values. There is a great deal of merit in this if you ...
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