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Floyd McWilliams
Floyd McWilliams
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Jan. 5, 2012
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I named a cat after Namyats, but it's not actually my favorite convention.
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Ruby Life Master
Floyd and Adam
Strong Notrump 2/1
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David Corn's bidding problem: JT4 6 J952 KQJ74
I believe this covers your possible options:
Get That Overtrick
Get That Overtrick
If you're going to ruff clubs only once, you might as well pull trump first. I didn't want the poll text to be bloated (when the options get too long they are cut off in the poll results) so I omitted that.
Get That Overtrick
Of the 15 pairs who played this board, 3 were in 4.
Get That Overtrick
Okay, done, though my tolerance for wrestling with the renderer was exceeded when I couldn't get parenthesized bidding annotations to work. Is there a more user-friendly way to generate hand diagrams than hand-editing the URL?
Get That Overtrick
I didn't think I could use it in a poll but looking at Josh Donn's defensive polls I was wrong about that.
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: QT87 5 J AKJ9872
Donald, my apologies for offending you. I don't have any problem with those who object to earlier bids. What I hate is the recent trend of compressing two or even three polls into one: "Bid 7 if you would have doubled 2. Bid 7 if you ...
ATB for missing this slam
Nothing about North's pass over 4?
Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: 98 AQ2 K854 QT84
David Parsons's lead problem: T A83 98742 T854
Declarer's hitch may have been about whether to show 3-card spade support; partner could have doubled for a spade lead. I doubt either event was accounted for in your simulation.

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