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Florin Constantin
Florin Constantin
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Oct. 11, 2010
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12 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Life Master
Virgil Florin
standard american
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Daniel D - Florin C
Basic Standard American
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The 3 word challenge
Math/psychology game
Florin Constantin's bidding problem: Q2 AQJT32 AKQ2 x
I now think 4 is the most flexible since partner can bid 4D with tolerance, 4 with xx, or 4 with decent
Florin Constantin's bidding problem: KJ9 AK8 AKT AQ76
the full hand, surprisingly many people being in 3NT
In Praise of Bridge Winners
thanks BW
Florin Constantin's bidding problem: AJxx x AQxxxx QT
I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense assuming double promises a heart stopper. These inferences are obviously less reliable if you and your partner have not played much together, as was the case on this hand.
Florin Constantin's bidding problem: AKx ATxxxx K9x x
I think Dbl should show extras, but even then it is not clear (to me) if it is the right call since the hand is very offensive.
Florin Constantin's bidding problem: AKJ KJ Jxxx AQTx
Yes, we do play support doubles (up to 2) but without an agreement whether it applies in this position. I forgot to mention that partner tends to bid light.
Math question
Kit Woolsey had a great article on this principle of unrestricted choice:
Which lead does double suggest?
When this hand was actually played I made a pretty bad double with J9 AKxxx xxxx xx . I was indeed asking for a lead; although lead, my partner's choice, is chosen by 20% or so of voters. The opponents are cold for 11 ...
Play of the hand in 4!s
Shouldn't inferences other than the play favor the 3-3 split? Namely, (aggressive) opps did not overcall , the suit appears to be 4-4 or 3-5/5-3 and there was no club lead from shortness. Also assuming W has the Q (on top of KQ) there might ...

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