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Florian Alter
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Sept. 1, 2016
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Can You Explain This Auction...?
I wouldn't even consider pass as being pessimistic. If 1NT showed something like (10)11-13, pass would be my choice as well. Note that 10 or 11 counts are more likely than 12 or 13 counts. And if partner accepts with a 12 count, you're probably not so ...
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 4 KT987643 A6 A8
I will post the full hand in one day or so. Then you can judge yourself if the bidding makes sense :)
Another Batch of Transfers
To a): the question is if there is any gain to play transfers compared to standard. If not, it's preferable to play standard To c): I saw that one. That made me think that it's probably not so useful to play transfers over transfers.
Nikos Delimpaltadakis's bidding problem: xx Qxx --- AKJxxxxx
If your plan is to get to 3NT, you can as well open 1. That doesn't wrong-side the contract immediately and keeps other options open.
Another Batch of Transfers
I really like the idea of playing transfers in this position. Especially if you play often there is a good chance that it sticks quickly and it looks fun to play. However, I wouldn't overdo it. My idea would be to play these transfers when the following applies: a ...
How can you bid to 7!H?
Considering that this is the "bad" case, and the grand is still on 50%, it's not so bad to have gambled 7 (you can get 3 discards).
How can you bid to 7!H?
2NT - 3; 4 5; 5 7 4 super accept and control. 5 exclusion, 5 0 or 3. The suit is a bit of an illusion. Your honor holdings indicate that is in a large amount of the cases the right ...
Assess the blame (12)
What is wrong with making a slam try and then bidding slam? K, A, A and an extra card makes a grand in comfort. After 5 you can be fairly sure that partner doesn't have that so you bid 6. After 4 by partner I am not ...
Transfers over a takeout double
1) Opener can show a 3-card suit. I used to play transfer over 1 and never felt that it gained much due to this reason. Does opener always show a 3-card suit? If so, that has the disadvantage of revealing unnecessary information to the opponents and sometimes it might ...
Assess the blame (12)
South has one of the worst possible hands he can have. This is a clear sign-off and then partner will know to pass. From North's point of view a grand wasn't out of the picture, e.g. opposite K Axx Axx Kxxxxx - a perfect minimum. Do you expect ...

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