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Florian Alter
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Sept. 1, 2016
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They would lead the king from this holding. Opponents weren't particular aggressive players, but I think you can exclude KQ109xx with West.
ATB - Missed Slam
Playing these methods, I think nobody made a mistake. I would be concerned about missing a slam holding the West hand, but bidding does not look attractive either. Next time you make a move partner holds KQJxxx Q xxx AKx.
Bidding over vulnerable preempt.
Dont' you have a loser?
Florian Alter's bidding problem: T3 AKT8 KQ7 AKT9
I am sorry about this. 6 would have implied interest in a grand slam. I wasn't aware of this when I created the problem and couldn't really change it after people already voted. At the table my partner simply bid 6, but if he had bid ...
Apportion of blame
I think partner shouldn't bid this way holding 43(51), but you may be right that in practice partner might occasionally have this hand.
Play to make, or play to go (not too many) down?
I agree with most of the analysis. However, I do no think that West is a favorite to hold the Q. The reason is that the 1 opening creates a pretty strong bias towards Q with East. Imagine for example that the A is with West. That almost requires ...
Play to make, or play to go (not too many) down?
Question 1: I take the finesse. If it wins we win 6 IMPs. If it loses it costs 3 IMPs.(That's a simplified but practical assumption). Thus we have 67% IMP odds on the finesse. I think East is slightly a favorite to hold the Q, because there are ...
Florian Alter's bidding problem: T3 AKT8 KQ7 AKT9
4 simply shows 4 and a hand that is worth less than a slam-try. 3 would deny 4 and a stop.
Standard would bid transfer and follow with 3NT. On a large number of 2NT openings you will find that the ability to show 5 and 3 will almost gain nothing. That's why I say the gains are small. Just imagine that convention shows up one day. Partner ...
The latter. I can't recall one hand where we gained by being able to show a) 5 and 4 via 3NT b) A minor one-suiter with SI via 3 The other bids with both minors slammish or to play in 5m are even more useless, since ...

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