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Esko Pikataival
Esko Pikataival
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Aug. 10, 2011
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about me

I have represented my country in our national team multiple times. I have been a member/chairman in our national laws committee (tasks including the supervision of translation of laws 2007 and 2017).


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Finishing a slam board in a restroom with my screenmate Peter Schaltz without involving the other side of the screen at all. See
BBO Username
bagman, epika
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What's your plan
I think that I would take the dull line of trying to find either A or K onside. My plan is to win the first diamond, cash AKJ of clubs (unblocking the 9) and then play a spade to the K. If they take 5 spade tricks (unlikely), then take ...
Is Pass Forcing?
When I made the card showing X, one of the options was that partner would leave it in. The card showing X also declared the ownership of the hand. AFAIU, partner did not pull to sac but pulled to make. So my pass tells that I might have the goodies ...
Format for National Team Trials
Finland Seeded KO teams trials in all categories. Mixed trial results (in Finnish)
The Levin-Grue auction
According to one auction commentary, pass of 4 X denied a diamond control. Yes, F refers to something, which should not be named; a convention showing 4 spades and 5/6 hearts in a limited opening hand. The auction timed well for Grue, as Levin displayed some slam interest ...
The Levin-Grue auction
I don't know for sure but my gut feeling is that F-convention has something to do here. If EW play F, 1 promises 5 or more. Once East shows a club control and nothing in diamonds, Grue can count 13 tricks against AQ and A either with running ...
Who's the Joker?
It becomes a partnership agreement per law 40C if it is repeated. See my comment below.
Who's the Joker?
I would like to raise two issues from this incident: a) undisclosed partnership agreement b) partnership agreement against the system policy At least in my jurisdiction, a repeated psyche becomes a partnership agreement and must be disclosed. In this case, I would assume, that an agreement that 1 opening ...
Who's the Joker?
It makes no sense to psyche the 1NT overcall for the following three reasons a) vulnerability b) RHO already opened with a limited opening bid c) partner is unlimited. The overcall might be made with an upgraded 14 like AQx xx KQT9xx Kx but I would expect full 15 with ...
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
The short answer is yes. The long answer is that most sane people respect and understand the seriousness of the issue and it is unlikely that this would happen.
Advanced safety plays
Based on all of the above I should discard the 7. The reason is that then I would not be able to lead a club requested by the declarer when my careless partner plays a club when declarer leads a spade up.

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