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Eric Sieg
Eric Sieg
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Nov. 2, 2015
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I've enjoyed playing cards since I was a kid and Bridge is the ultimate card game. I played heavily in 2006-2009 while going to college and then disappeared for a while when the limited vacation days made it hard to go to tournaments. I have a bit more free time recently and have been getting back into it again, what a great game!


For day job stuff I build custom native mobile apps for Android and iOS and my main other consistent interest has been hiking. I'd like to get into backpacking although I haven't done it yet. Other interests over the years have been Magic the Gathering, Gardening, Go, Eve Online, and tabletop games like Terra Mystica.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Junior Bridge Camp in Slovakia, what a great time!
Bridge Accomplishments
13th out of 300ish pairs in NABC Fast Pairs in Vegas, Spingold Day 3
Regular Bridge Partners
Ray Miller, Kim Eng, Stan Christie
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Mercercrest/Eastside Bridge Club in Seattle area
Favorite Tournaments
any winter NABC that is in a sunny locale, I love Seattle but the overcast skies in Winter can be a bit much!
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
General 2/1
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Convention Chart Revisions
Sure, but if multi is an option then 2 showing 3 suiter with short diamonds is a possibility. I haven't played it so no clue what shortcomings there are other than not being able to correct 2 to 2 if 4315 (which isn't always right)
Convention Chart Revisions
To Don's thought experiment: Heck yeah it would be nice to see multi even if I wasn't allowed to play it. It'd be nice if multi were legal so I could have more experience playing against it. While its fine to play Tuesday night as Brian mentioned ...
Strong Club, Transfer Positives, 1Spade Neg.
Interesting idea :) I'm in the crowd of preferring 1 to be negative, but blocking the 1 lead directing bids on good 4 card suits seems fun. 1 is already a transfer to spades in many systems, so you are basically just swapping 1 and 1 ...
ATB - missed Red game at IMP Pairs
This seems like it should be an ATB for how EW isn't defending 2 X'd, which seems to pretty clearly lie with east.
Convention Chart Revisions
Sounds great, eager to see this go live. My one comment at this point that leaps out at me is I wish it was organized to make it easier to tell the differences between Open and Open+. Perhaps mark things differently or include a separate summary table or something along ...
Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?
What is a jackpot game?
Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?
Yeah, we run the extended team game as well. Its been pretty popular, although for whatever reason - the top bracket tends to go a lot smoother and people have more fun. We have a lot more trouble getting teams in the lower bracket(s) to continue to be interested and ...
Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?
One thing I was curious about was something like the following: 1) Monthly unit game spread out to existing club games. Allow a club game to be run as a unit game which (I believe) is extra MP for limited extra costs? No clue on rules etc, this is just ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T953 J64 642 KT3
X by E would be takeout, so either a penalty pass of diamonds or a hand that isn't eager to act opposite a hand that's shown 0-4 HCP
Bidding grand at the club
Depends massively on club game, so I'll answer for the one I play at the most which is pretty strong and aggressive: I bid grand if it feels likely to be there. My usual bar is "good chance, and at worse its on a finesse" if I'm unable ...

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