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Eric Kehr
Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Trick 12 Decision
On page 2, where it says "Best looks to be to take the invitational route with 2♣.", should that read 1NT?
Ugly Call
In fact shouldn't the range of all non-1 openers be narrowed because any maximum opener (which has at least one Ace!) could have an Ace less and still be opened.
The bidder has 5 good , 4 card support, and a hand not good enough to overcall on the first round. Not much else justifies suddenly sticking your neck out at the 3 level.
The Worst Convention Ever
Armstrong and Miller did excellent parodies of them in their comedy show (viewable on YouTube, search for "Brabbins and Fyffe") so they must have felt that enough people would get the reference.
Open Or Not?
I open 1. Yes, we can sometimes get too high, but so what? We've made a bid which describes our hand if it happens to be our hand, but has stolen most of the 1 level if it happens to be their's. That sounds like a bargain ...
Eric Kehr's bidding problem: AKQJ976 A97642 --- ---
I bid 5 but felt tempted to bid 6. Partner thought for ages and then corrected to 5 which RHO doubled. Partner had something like Txx JT Jxxxx xxx and I made with an overtrick. Obviously I could have redoubled (although I don't think it would have ...
What is 1NT-(4!S)-4NT?
So it shows you have a good hand, then?
Can responder pass?
The problem with this approach comes when it is not a misfit, or if opener has extras, then opener is forced to make some bid other than one of the get out options. It's a similar issue to FSF. If you make it just a 1RF, opener has to ...
Can responder pass?
It seems to me that if you don't play it GF, you need some artificial way for opener to either a) show a dead minimum or b) confirm that we are GF, as there doesn't seem to be enough room for him to make just natural bids, and ...
Favourite Novelty Conventions
Not at all. It is standard to say something like that when partner makes his contract. It's standard to say "NTP" (nice try partner) or something like that when he doesn't. No matter how badly he butchered the hand. At the tables I normally play nobody notices if ...
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