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Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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Eric Kehr's bidding problem: AQ64 T A4 AKJ873
If the 2 bid is only forcing to 3, then pass over 3 can't be forcing. Obviously, the minimum strength of the 2 bid is tied to the minimum strength of the 2 overcall; but just because your overcalls are sound, doesn't change ...
Does anyone know why Jack wasn't taking part this year?
Who's the Offender?
It can’t possibly be fair to try to punish people at the previous table, as you can never prove they did anything wrong. And if they did nothing wrong, they have no way of proving that either.
The worst hand you ever held which had a decisive trick?
It’s probably possible to construct 3 other hands to go with the OP’s hand so the only winning lead is the 2, as the 4 is needed to protect partner from a squeeze. But with 32 there would have been no defense.
Eric Kehr's bidding problem: AQ64 T A4 AKJ873
The majority bid so far is 3. Is this showing the Ace, just a general forcing noise, or something else? And what will partners responses mean?
The Adventures of Mrs. I. Fixum
My guess: They'd gone past 3NT, and thought that 5 would score badly, so guessed to bid slam. However 3NT was going 2 down as the defense could set up their suit before the A was knocked out.
And 3NT is?
Only one off wouldn’t be a gross mis-statement of values. If you start going 2 or 3 off on this auction, though ...
A loser-ruffing squeeze?
Is this what Ottlik and Kelsey called a Knockout squeeze?
How do you play 3D here?
It's a multi-purpose bid which shows no clear way forward. So, in principle, <3, <4, no good stop, probably <6. It's not asking for a stop per se, but partner can certainly show one in response! He can also show a 5th ...
Pontificate on a Common Game deal
The easiest way to get to 7 is if West has a way of asking about 3rd round control after bidding RKCB. Then almost any start will do.
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