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Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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For those of a certain age
You think it is great for people to be rewarded for inherently risky actions. This change makes those actions more risky, which makes them more impressive when people do them, not less. I’m not particularly impressed by those actions from the old days, because they are not actually as ...
ATB - -930
I don’t agree you need a trump stack to make a penalty double. A 3550 hand with say AQT in would be a fine penalty double. Especially if west had already shown the sort of hand which could make a penalty double of 3. Not that either ...
For those of a certain age
And possibly on the denomination and level of the contract. It is a little ridiculous that a pair who has the temerity to try to play in 1 vulnerable risks losing 200 in their attempt to gain 70.
ATB - -930
In the old days, all doubles were penalties, which was a terrible idea but at least everybody knew what they meant. Nowadays double can signify anything and nobody, including the person making them, knows what they mean.
When your tires are flat
Absolutely. If they also stipulated that when calling a card from dummy you have to designate a rank and suit; and when making a claim you have to make a statement, then we could turn this website into a place where bridge is discussed.
For those of a certain age
I don’t think they go far enough. It’s still too easy to just bid a NV 4 over the opponents’ V 4. Where’s the skill in that?
When your tires are flat
David how is this different from If the opponents' bidding starts 1 1 an option I have is to bid 1 Now they tell me he can correct it to 1 before I get a chance. i.e. why does the *insufficiency* of the unintended call ...
When your tires are flat
To expand on my earlier comment. Law 25 allows you to replace an unintended legal call. So even if Law 27 applies first (and thus makes the insufficient bid legal), we can still apply law 25, can't we?
When your tires are flat
It's obviously Law 25. But it does remind me a little of the joke at the top of this page:
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
Imagine EW were playing a more conservative opening style, and also imagine West's Q were swapped for one of East's small s. There is no way West would jump to game here and yet they are essentially in the same situation.
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