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Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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about me

Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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What do you bid over 1 NT ?
I can show and (at least 4-4) with a 2 bid, so I do that. I'll probably find myself bidding 3 on the next round as well.
I don't understand ...
Surely this hand is worth a slam try. It is incredibly unlikely that 3NT makes and 4NT doesn’t. If you can’t make a slam try at MP over 3NT without the ability to stop in 4NT If partner is unsuitable, then you ought to change your methods. This ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
I think the optimal approach is to use some sort of coded responses which depend on what was opened and what was replied. For a simple (i.e. largely natural) system, I think reverses need to guarantee some sort of extras, so a catch-all bid of 2M is needed for ...
ATB Precision
It would be interesting to here from the OP what sort of hands Pass as West, and what hands bid immediately.
ATB Precision
I'm not sure whether the issue is balanced v unbalanced; it's more whether West is strong enough that he can afford to make one move to look for a slam. Here, there can't be many hands where the limit is exactly 9 tricks in NT.
ATB Precision
IMO, West should move again after 3NT. That doesn't preclude playing in 4NT if East's hand is very unsuitable for playing in , so I believe this is right at any form of scoring.
Play this slam
Check my math:
What is the probability that you or partner forget the system?
AI and Chess
I do wonder how important pscychology, table presence etc really is. Obviously imperfect humans with a good psychological grasp will beat equally technically skilled humans who lack that. But would they be able to beat technically perfect or near perfect players who were psychologically "naive"?
Play this slam
Partner played this hand and took the straightforward finesse, which is certainly the best play for 13 tricks, and might well be the best play for 12 as many have said. As far as I can see the contract is unmakeable as the cards lay - West had Jxxx East ...
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