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Eric Hamilton
Eric Hamilton
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Jan. 19, 2017
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bridge player

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Eric's generic 2/1 card
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Tablets with a table feel
Looking to collect a complete play record for every hand? I can see the value in that.
How to play 3NT at Matchpoints
It appears that North started with two spade deuces?
What does this double mean?
The club bidder has good clubs and is aware of the risks... but is also betting on the likely distribution of missing clubs and cards between his partner and his LHO. 3C may be a good bet with positive expectation, but some days good bets don't come in. Partner ...
Steaming tendencies part 2: part score vs game
> You pick up a hand which you judge totally borderline, in terms of the percentages and risk reward of whether to settle for a part score or bid a game. I had to abstain, because there is always SOMETHING that will tip the choice one way or another, even if ...
Assign the Charge
The 10 kinds of people are: those who don't understand ternary; those who understand ternary; and those who were expecting a joke about binary.
John Torrey's lead problem: 2 A53 A5432 KQT9
I agree on general principles about providing the scoring. However even at IMPs after giving serious consideration to the spade, I'm still leading the club. Partner is unlikely to have a quick enough entry to give us our ruff, and if they do have that entry it may be ...
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: AK3 8 JT8 KJ9865
What would be a typical holding for north in this sequence?
Sathya Bettadapura's bidding problem: AKT KQ952 K98 Q3
Presumably partner has some form of puppet available over 1N? This one is close - the dubious club holding and poor heart spots incline me towards pessimism but I won't argue with a partner who goes the other way.
Invite 3N or commit?
> I still don't see Henry's option available If you would always invite, never force, then check the four "invite not force" options.
Invite 3N or commit?
Try now, I think I fixed it.

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