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2/1: Fast Arrival in NT?
If were to go back that far, I would refer it as Precambrian Era.
2/1: Fast Arrival in NT?
Classically, three notrump rebid shows 15-17 HCP, and two notrump rebid shows either 12-14 or 18+ HCP (if the latter, opener will bid over three notrump). In theory, both rebids promise 5-3-3-2 shape with stoppers in the unbid suits, and doubleton in responder's suit. But this structure is also ...
What does it promise?
@Steve In a BWS panel, if two hearts gets even one vote with that example hand of yours, I would be surprised. It is either one notrump or two diamonds. Two hearts is not even wrong.
Realistic or Too Fantastic
On that layout the declarer would have played on hearts before diamonds.
Which Bridge World issue was it in?
Thank you.
Which Bridge World issue was it in?
I also checked the index. It must be the case that they did not change the pair name, even though they did not participate.
Decipher this bidding sequence
I subscribe to the idea that if one is guaranteed to have another turn in the bidding, one can make a invitational (or limited in high card points) bid, and then accept his own invitation. Simple example: Suppose 3M-2 over partner's 1M opening shows mixed raise, say 6-8 HCP ...
Reverse Bidding Problem (2)
Gordon: Sorry. I now see why confused I you, and everybody else. Fixed it.
Delayed preference to strong-jump-shifter's second suit
Barry assumes that hand bids three notrump over one heart. I guess.
Forcing or Not?
Steve: As long as what you state is a partnership agreement, it is okay. But if the discussion is whether it is more logical or not, I'd say: 1. Your proposed style puts too much emphasis on game contracts (considering that both opponents are bidding). 2. How would you ...
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