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Elaine Garofalo
Elaine Garofalo
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April 6, 2011
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Dec. 10
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Bridge Director
about me

Learned to play in my neighborhood group of moms with baby's, loved it from the start. Got into duplicate when I moved to Tokyo, loved that even more. Continued playing in Tokyo and Singapore, but never in competitions until we moved back to US in 2005, where I learned how bad I really was. We moved to St. Petersburg, FL. After a year of playing with anyone the director of the nearest club would find me, found a great partner. We went to NAP's and GNT's for the state in the C category and made LM together.  Had to break up partnership, but have finally found another partner and great mentors.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Getting a 100% board against Jeff and Sally at a tournament we came in last in--But hey you gotta take what joy you can!
Bridge Accomplishments
Florida finals 1st place in NAP's and GNT's.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
St Petersburg and
Favorite Tournaments
Manatee Regional
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Paul and Elaine
2 over 1
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Elaine and Joanne
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Future NABC sites?
As a club director I have heard, “ why should I pay to get so and so (10000 mp player) points?” So while I don’t like the paternalism it seems that to attract newer players, it’s necessary. There is also the problem of time and expense. But even at ...
Save Bundy's Sanity
They probably weren’t lying. You said they were novices. Just calmly call the director and keep on playing. Sarcasm just makes people angry and really doesn’t serve to educate. After the hand you might tell them about tempo. It takes a while for all the etiquette to sink ...
The Hungarian Bridge Federation switches to play with tablets instead of cards
I need the kinesthtic to help me remember the cards
Opener's rebid -- Forcing?
rather be playing
Opener's rebid -- Forcing?
Since the 1-1-1 means the one of a major is not a reverse, it seams like it shouldn’t be. But I guess responder May sometimes have to bid a crappy 1NT after that sequence. Isn’t it better to be able to pass with a 7 card fit at ...
How good a 1651 hand needs to be to do 2 over 1 game force?
I would open this hand, so I’m bidding 2H.
The best bridge book for beginners
Mine too
The best bridge book for beginners
There is no comprehensive beginners book. When teaching beginners, you have to get them playing. I like Bidding in the 21st Century (ACBL). It is mostly for bidding, but talks about how to declare. It does not immediately cover Stayman or transfers, which are so standard in the US they ...
How to deal with a problem at the local club
you called him to the table immediately or waited until later?? It isn't clear from the letters you put up
How to deal with a problem at the local club
Her screaming certainly a problem. But if she was screaming did the director come to see what the problem was? Did you call the director? Regardless, realize that club players play for different reasons. Some are competitive, some like the social aspect. It is not your job to educate as ...

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