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Ed Reppert
Ed Reppert
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July 17, 2011
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about me

Retired US Navy Officer. Know a little something about computers (was my secondary job in the Navy). ACBL Club director. Player. Systems: Mostly I play 2/1 these days, but I like Romex and Precision as well. Play mostly in clubs and local tournaments.

United States of America

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Boston Jacoby.
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Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
I believe so.
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
I don't recall signing anything like that during or after my twenty years of active duty. There is a (tacit, I think) acknowledgement that I'm subject to the UCMJ, but I don't recall anything like what you're suggesting. Of course, I'm getting old. Maybe I ...
2C Response with 2/ 1 Hand (maybe GF)
"Most conventions require an alert (or a delayed alert if over 3NT). So when the Alert charts shows there is no alert for "2/1 responses that promise invitational or better values", that assumes a NATURAL response." Not sure I buy this chain of logic. Why should it (I presume ...
2C Response with 2/ 1 Hand (maybe GF)
Hm. My dictionary defines "artificial" in the bridge sense as "conventional, as opposed to natural". I'm not so sure that's correct. If I'm wrong about that, my answer to your pop quiz (which would have been "artificial") is correct. If I'm right, and they're not ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
How do you know that, Andreas?
2C Response with 2/ 1 Hand (maybe GF)
"For sure it's alertable" would have been my guess too, but it seems we're both wrong. See my post above.
2C Response with 2/ 1 Hand (maybe GF)
On the Basic chart, Item 2 under responses is "any game forcing response at the 2 level or higher". On the Basic+ chart, item 2 under responses is "any game forcing response". The above are bids that are allowed. On the Open and Open+ charts the only responses that are ...
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
"the US Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty (theoretically the most severe punishment) should not be imposed on those who were under 18 at the time of their crime(s)" Should not, or may not? Case reference?
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
And yet they were still allowed to play.
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life

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