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Ed Reppert
Ed Reppert
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July 17, 2011
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8 minutes ago
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Bridge Director
about me

Retired US Navy Officer. Know a little something about computers (was my secondary job in the Navy). ACBL Club director. Player. Systems: Mostly I play 2/1 these days, but I like Romex and Precision as well. Play mostly in clubs and local tournaments.

United States of America

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Favorite Conventions
Boston Jacoby.
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Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Ten Seconds
"I have a very good partner who just writes "SEE PARTNER'S CARD" on his." Your partner is in violation of ACBL regulation.
Is this UI?
Arguably, that's nonsense.
Pass out of Turn
Damage is specifically defined in Law 12. "Advantage" is defined nowhere in the laws. No example of "advantage but no damage" comes instantly to mind.
Learn Bidding in 15 Minutes?
I would say rather that LTC works best when you have a good trump fit. And yes, it's an important factor in hand evaluation. As are several other things.
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
Cogito cogitas, ergo cogito sum.
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
I see. I think. :-) Thanks.
Pass out of Turn
[b]16C2, in part: [/b][i]A player of an offending side may not choose a call or play that is demonstrably suggested over another by unauthorized information if the other call or play is a logical alternative.[/i] [b]16C3: [/b][i] the Director shall assign an adjusted score ...
A CC/UI hypothetical
"OWTTE" I don't know what that means.
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
Hm. What does a 1NT rebid show then? 12-14 OR 18-19? I gather 1NT could be passed. What would responder's rebids mean, if he doesn't pass?
What ACBL Arbitration Agreement?
I think I understand what you mean by "insured vs insured" — that if the same insurer covers both parties, the insurer [i]must[/i] lose — and they won't like that. But I'm surprised that it seems to really be a thing. Would it be a thing if we ...

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