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Doug Lahammer
Doug Lahammer
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May 14, 2016
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March 20
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
2nd Nationally in Junior Fund Game in August 2018 (70.4% for 18 MPs); Ace of Clubs Unit 218, 1st: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018; Mini McKenney District 6, 1st; 2015, 2016, 2017; 2nd: 2018; Mini McKenney Unit 218, 1st: 2015, 2016, 2017; 2nd: 2018; Ace of Clubs District 6, 1st: 2016, 2017, 2018; 2nd: 2015
Favorite Tournaments
Gatlinburg Regional
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Bronze Life Master
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ACBL's Flawed Masterpoint Formulas
I have found that the "new" round robin swiss/KO team structure has actually made it easier to get (more) points (especially gold) in the KO (Swiss) team events. Previously, we were typically in a 16 team bracket, with 8 teams (50%) losing their first match and getting nothing and ...
Oren Kriegel Doesn't Play at My Club
I started on board 1 with the "dubious" match point play, where there was a 1% chance the LM on lead would underlead the K diamonds against 6S, so I took the Ace and dropped the singleton K offside for 100%. We finished with a 70.42% game so I ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
1. Balancing. If they are stopping at 2 of a minor or 2 hearts (especially if you're black), you probably are missing something. 2. Underleading or not taking Aces in suit contracts (and finding out they have a singleton). 3. Not taking the bidding into consideration in the line ...
Are very light openings against the spirit of the game? Are they a form of Psych in 21st century clothing?
We have Very Light 3rd hand openings checked on our convention cards. Certainly, any hand I'd overcall 1 with is worth opening in the 3rd seat (for me). We use (reverse) drury and my regular partners know not to get excited if the 4th seat doubles or overcalls unless ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2018 hits 8109 tables
Fabulous tournament. We had a great time. I was 1 of those 19 new life masters. One schedule recommendation would be to have a single session team event on Saturday morning. For teams addicted to playing 3 times per day, we don't want miss out on the Saturday bracketed ...
Play in Washington DC
The Thursday night unit game in Alexandria is a big game with lots of options (A, B & 499 sections) and guaranteed partners. Plus it's close. I live further out so I normally only venture into the "big city" for special occasions.
Play in Washington DC Northern VA game schedule. Most games are probably at most 30 minutes from DC in normal traffic.
3-way KO match
Wins is 1st decider. If all 3 teams go 1-1, then it is net (combined) IMPs in each team's 2 matches.
Strategy at Swiss Teams (20VP scale) vs. IMP Pairs?
The 300 (nv) and 500 (v) point games swings are huge at IMPs -- either 10 (nv) or 12 (v) IMP swing usually. We basically don't invite at IMPs (no 2NT or 3M bids without competition), just bid games and try to make it. My understanding is if you bid ...
Embassy Suites available for San Diego NABC
I agree 100% with Gatlinburg. It proves that the "right" small city can pull off a large bridge event. An abundance of "reasonably" price hotel and restaurant options with an excellent playing facility, but lacking in the high end. 1000s of bridge players get to Gatlinburg even if it is ...

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