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Inverted Minors: 1m-2m Now What?
what is the interpretation of the bid 3m in the sequence 1m-2m-2M-2NT-3m ?
Inverted Minors: 1m-2m Now What?
In the following sequences responder show 3 cards in a Major suit , looking for 4-3 fit 1-2-2-3-4;1-2-2-2NT-3-3-4; What strength he needs to do it , can he do it with 10-12 only ?
Inverted Minors: 1m-2m Now What?
Need clarification for the following NT bids after inverted raise. 1m-2m-2M-2NT ; 2NT bid show stoppers in both unbid suits , any limitation on strength ? 1m-2m-2M-3NT ; 3NT bid show what?
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K763 AKT3 Q92 94
You did not specified if you play Serious/Non Serious 3N after 3M. I think it is a must. The 2 bid looks strange to me as you do not have a biddable suit (5 cards suit or good 4 cards suit) , I would bid 2 over ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 63 J953 K9 AQT74
3 (instead of 2) sound to me as asking for stopper , direct 4 (if it was made) sound to me as shortage and looking for spade control. 5 sounds as if he has control and no control
1NT response to 1M open while playing 2/1
As I said I was interested in the overall scientific conclusion based on simulation. A list of advantages and disadvantages is not good enough as it has to be combined with probabilities.
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
i would like to suggest another option how to distinguish between 2M and 3M bid by responder. Both show 3 cards support. 3M - show at least one honor in M , bidding proceed from here as usual (i.e. show: very bad hand /non serious slam try/serious slam try) , strength ...
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
thx, i have no access to hiss article if you can send me a copy of the article it will be great
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
I see that i made a mistake in the definition of how i play it , 3M by responder just show hand with 3 card support stronger than 4M, it can have regular values or extra values ( it does not show non serious slam try as i wrote) after the 3M ...
Response to Fourth Suit Forcing
i publish another,similar, poll in which opener has 1354 distribution pls vote in both polls

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