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1NT response to 1M open while playing 2/1
As I said I was interested in the overall scientific conclusion based on simulation. A list of advantages and disadvantages is not good enough as it has to be combined with probabilities.
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
i would like to suggest another option how to distinguish between 2M and 3M bid by responder. Both show 3 cards support. 3M - show at least one honor in M , bidding proceed from here as usual (i.e. show: very bad hand /non serious slam try/serious slam try) , strength ...
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
thx, i have no access to hiss article if you can send me a copy of the article it will be great
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
I see that i made a mistake in the definition of how i play it , 3M by responder just show hand with 3 card support stronger than 4M, it can have regular values or extra values ( it does not show non serious slam try as i wrote) after the 3M ...
Response to Fourth Suit Forcing
i publish another,similar, poll in which opener has 1354 distribution pls vote in both polls
Response to Fourth Suit Forcing
No honors in majors is part of the assumptions
Asking bid for control after preempt opening bid
i read BWS again and again and it looks to me that you are correct in the way you understood BWS approach to this subject. I was wrong.
What is this dbl 1!C-(Pass)-1!D-(1M)-dbl
this is a question for those who vote for support dbl . it looks that most of players vote for support dbl . would you vote for support dbl also if you do not play walsh ?
What is this dbl 1!C-(Pass)-1!D-(1M)-dbl
as i wrote we play walsh so in case the bidder has opening hand he is going to bid his own Major (the other one) by himself any how. That is what he intended to do even before the overcall or the dbl
Jump rebid to 3M during 2/1 auction by 1M opener
Larry Cohen has an article on the subject here

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