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Don Caplin
Don Caplin
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 22, 2010
Last Seen
July 13
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Bridge Player
about me


writer, teacher

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting my future wife at the Franks' Contract Bridge Studio
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Flight A GNT for New England 4 times; Bruce Pairs, Phila NABC 2012
Regular Bridge Partners
My wife (Sondra), Daniel Albert-Rosenberg, Harrison Luba, Greg Gouillart, Alexander Frieden, Anita Taylor, Rick Howard, Jack Donaghue
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Spot, Woburn
Favorite Tournaments
Newton MA Individual, Springfield MA Regional
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
For your consideration: Are Bridge and Baseball facing similar problems appealing to youth?
In the late 60s, the Boston Red Sox had a regular bridge game, maybe Yaz, Bill Lee, Jim Willoughby, Bernie Carbo? Now they're into multiple-player computer games (and one of them allegedly developed Repetitive Stress Injury from them).
Has bidding to the 8+ level ever been considered in bridge?
Playing bridge at work, opponents sacrificed at 8 level (permitted in house rules). My boss REALLY wanted to play the hand, so he bid 8 over their 8.
Gatlinburg 2018 Bridgescore+ Technology Details
We played bracketed swiss on Sun, which were mostly 3-ways. Asked a director for help entering, and she didn't know how, had to ask another director. Ideally you'd have pre-dealt hands and Bridgemate at each table, but perhaps not realistic for such a large tourney.
Gatlinburg 2018 Bridgescore+ Technology Details
"The biggest roadblock is the number of MP corrections from teams." When we played bracketed swiss, I saw "estimated MPs" in itals on the screen, and "actual MPs" in bold, so I thought an estimate was close enough.
Who's the most promising new bridge writer?
Ditto. Both fiction (I read them all) and straightforward bridge advice.
The Best Bridge Writer
Bridge novels: 1. "YARBOROUGH" by B.H. Friedman ( 2. "The Cardturner" Louis Sachar
Bridge Players on TV Game Shows
I would have voted for her.
Bridge Players on TV Game Shows
Here's Diane Barton (around 16:00): The best question was "How many points do you need to open?" Answer: "Goren says 13, but I've done it with 11."
Would you DELIBERATELY take advantage of a penalty card?
I agree; was director called?
Is there UI here? Or just bad bridge
Oh, that hand. We played in the same sectional, opponents bidding: P 1 4... Now my partner threw in a 5D bid, and dealer went to 5 before her partner could double! Down 1.

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