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Dian Petrov
Dian Petrov
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Oct. 10, 2010
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Club
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
NAP B - 2010 winner, GNT B 2008 - 2nd place
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Favorite Tournaments
@Nevada, @Florida, MABC Regionals
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Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
True North American Championships Coming
Best April 1 joke ever?
Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
Congratulations on the great win!! As Jerry said it is for Bulgaria and it makes it even brighter for nice guys who are “fun to be around”. Hard working pair representing the values of several generations of BG bridge players. Comes as a no-surprise as we see more and more ...
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: 9532 J76 A865 A8
Serge - At the table I passed. Pd hand: void, AKx, Q10xxx, KJ10xx No agreements. I can understand 1s-p-2s- 2NT or 1s-p-3s-4N for the minors - yes 69% agree with 3NT is a bid to play.
In the Well: Brad Moss
Hi Brad, What was your experience at the resent Buffalo Regional and why you chose that tournament over others?
The Bridgemate
Put the device in the middle and/or ask "Who will push the button?" For subsequent boards you give it to the one who actually did it the previous time.
ACBL Lifetime Masterpoint Lists
How about this for a differences - I want to be able to make a revoke, and missort my cards mixing clubs and spades, hearts and diamonds or even bid out of rotation. I want to look at opponents and their behavior, not count on speed of my ISP and computer ...
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
Fair enough. Thanks.
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
You are bidding 7 over 5 with Axx AKQxxxx Axx void? Expecting partner to cover 4 losers? What's the rush?
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
Right - top or bottom: -4000 since were 7-6 Opener hand: AQ832 AKQ10742 void 10 Yuan suggests axing the partnership - who axes who, or assign the blame. Suggestion: since a decision was made to bid on 7 level, why not bid 7?
Dian Petrov's bidding problem: KJT64 985 --- AKJ97
How big is the risk? Partner must have at least 8 solid , A, A (he is not bidding a grand with nothing in and loser), put together K, AK = 13 tricks, may be more. Unless.... his control is also a void. Void ...

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