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Deb Dhar
Deb Dhar
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April 27, 2014
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8 hours ago
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Bidding Deep Finesse
After pass-pass-1C-1S S will make a t/o double. Now W might bid 4 followed two passes. Now S can bid 4NT. I would open that hand with 1
Play problem
After ruffing the third club with J - I will play hearts A followed by 10 - whether E followed to the third club or not. Hope that someone does not get to ruff the fourth club with a small trump. If West shows out on the third club ruff low and ...
David Yates's bidding problem: AT9865 J9 87 AK9
That 1 response to 1 may be with 4 cards.
David Yates's bidding problem: AT9865 J9 87 AK9
LHO (West) might inform you that she does not have a to lead!
An Embarrassing Unintended Pass
Bergen and Reverse Bergen Raises are quite popular in this area- Washington DC. A fair of number of people play them and more are familiar with that convention. Most of time people do not need or want a detailed explanations. I agreed with the director’s decision at that time ...
An Embarrassing Unintended Pass
I had a very similar situation in a club game a couple of years ago. The bidding started 1 (P) 3 (Bergen Limit). I alerted and decided that I should stay low and bid 3 with my hand. I picked out 3 card from the box ...
The Right Play
I can't hook hearts twice. Still, I want to postpone the read suits play.
The Right Play
I will lead K at trick 2. I am hoping E has 3 spades and 2 clubs - so, the ruff is from the hand with longer trump. I can then pull outstanding trumps in one more round. Of course, I go down if E has stiff Ace - as Richard Fleet ...
The Right Play
The defense gets a club ruff if the lead is from Kxx. Suppose E ducks the first spade lead, grabs the second, leads a club over to W and gets a ruff. There is a fourth to lose.
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: K3 J642 63 AQJ32
This hand came up yesterday in bbo robot game. I was South. I held 82 AK9 AKQ742 K5 and bid 3NT after 3 passes. North Robot decided to bid 7NT. I checked bbo Robot cc. All it says that Robot does not play Gambling 3NT.

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