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April 27, 2014
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Another Humpty Dumpty Bid?
It is quite possible that NS have 8 cards fit in only diamonds – if N has 4=1=5=3 and S has 3=6=3=1 shape. Even then why would you want to play in diamonds as Ai-Tai pointed out E is behind N. I can see NS ...
Showing the Queen of Spades
North’s double showed an opening hand. It did not promise tolerance for all three remaining suits. Board #1 : Bidding 3 was safer – either partner had spade support or partner had one or both minor suits. So, North would pull to 4 of a minor without spade support. Board ...
What is this double?
East could have red suits - 4H and longer D and short C. Could not double earlier because EW are not playing Equal Level Conversion Double. D not strong enough to overcall 2D; so, passed.
What is the result of this claim?
So, the assumption is that E did not notice that S showed out when A was played. The normal play would be to try to get to dummy in diamond and hook the spade. N ruffed diamond. After that the contract would be down 2. I voted for down 3.
Best plan to 10 tricks!
I could be wrong but I think it still works from the given position assuming E has less 4 spades. I cash spades. Suppose 3 spades stand up we got 6 tricks. -If spades are 3-3 I lead the 4th spade - if West does not ruff and discards a club ...
Competing over a strong NT with a strong hand
My partner will not pass if we are playing DONT or Meckwell; will bid 2. Pass may be better on this hand since they are Vul. Scoring +200 is also a possibility by defending here. My comment was related to Jeff Halle's question "Not just with this hand ...
Competing over a strong NT with a strong hand
Double and bid 2NT after partner's response. That shows a big hand. It also exposes any psyche by RHO.
What is your Plan?
I would open 1NT. I might have a rebid problem if I open 1 and the partner responds 1. I would open 1 if the hand were ♠Q964 ♥K ♦AJ32 ♣AJ32. I do not think the hand is strong enough to rebid 3 after 1 ...
Best line to make 4 spades
I would play the line Nedju suggested. I did not consider that Heart return from RHO. How about playing a Club at trick two assuming that LHO has Club A? Win any return and then play trumps A and J. If LHO gets a diamond ruff that may be with ...
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