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David Wetzel
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July 9, 2014
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about me

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, my wife and I used to play a lot, and made token appearances in the lower flights of a couple of GNTs and NAPs and such.  Also managed to lose in the finals of the 0-750 knockouts at three straight Spring Nationals, which is harder to do than it sounds.


Then kids happened. 


Now we don't play much.


United States of America

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Negotiated Settlement
You’re forcing something on someone no matter what, of course. I agree it would be better to be up front about it at least.
A bad start
Notwithstanding what I said above, this is really what I'd be doing at the table. And I'd expect the same done to me. The only people who should have trouble sleeping at night are the ones who expect/demand to be allowed to take it back when they ...
A bad start
Twenty comments in, I guess I'll be the first to ask the director if he can pretty please be allowed to take his bid back rather than just making arbitrary rulings myself. And if he won't, and you really feel terrible about the situation and don't think ...
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: AJTxx xxx x 98xx
They may have 25 points, but (especially if they don't have a stopper in spades) "game values" may be an overstatement.
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
I'm no more qualified than anyone else to determine exactly where that line lies, but when the government of the nation says "you have to let our known cheaters keep playing", I am absolutely certain upon which side of the line it lies. And so are you.
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Not forever, certainly; until they, as a national organization, are capable of policing their players and the game. Exact details left to the reader. For those calling this collective punishment, the issue is no longer E&W. We all know what they are. The words "lack of institutional control" come ...
Negotiated Settlement
Sure, but which one is he doing? It's like Schrodinger's irregularity.
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
If the WBF rules require them to bar the nation, then maybe they should strongly consider doing that. What good are they if they can't police their players?
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: xx xx xx KQT8xxx
It's an awfully small pox, and that's been eradicated anyway. I mean, yes, East is probably three suited, but he's almost certainly not psyching the redouble. Give opener 12, doubler 12, redoubler 11 and it all fits fine. I'd certainly redouble with say KJxx Qxxx Axxx ...
Karel de Raeymaeker's bidding problem: AJTxx xxx x 98xx
Honestly I probably opened 2S already — but I can’t imagine not bidding it now.

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