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Is this psyche legal?
Under ACBL rules it is a legal psyche since it is not an artificial response below 3. Under EBU rules it is a legal psyche. There is no rule anywhere that a partnership may only psyche once in a specific situation. This is a common misconception based on a ...
Responses to Lebensohl other than 3!c
If you are 3=3=7=0 and not particularly strong why not overcall 3 over 2? Why double?
Do defensive beers count if diamonds are trumps?
I think this (like so many things in bridge) is partly geographical. My understanding in the UK is that if it is trumps the D7 does not get you a beer, but my Dutch and Danish friends say it does in the Netherlands and Denmark.
For mini-NT players
We play the Crowhurst convention which was originally designed for a wide range 1N rebid. If played properly (not many do these days) it gives two different ways of trying for game over the 1N rebid. Our rebids are 1N = 13-17 2N = 18-20
Weird BBO occurrence
My experience directing the new EBU tournaments is that if the play has reached a certain point the software puts in a result not averages. Before you ask, no, I don’t know what that point is.
Claim Issue with ACBL on BBO
No, but well over 90% of the adjustments given on BBO seem to be for unfinished boards. That seems reasonable to weight. Sure, claims are not weighted nor would I wish to. My response was given to Kevin’s post which refers to unfinished boards not claims.
Claim Issue with ACBL on BBO
As explained in another post my experience as director is with EBU tournaments. I don’t use GIB to adjust. It shows the play as far as possible and I then make a sensible guess as to the final result. Of course I should like to weight scores as we ...
Weird BBO occurrence
I have seen a few 100-0 adjustments but I think it is a glitch in the software and they are just averages.
Claim Issue with ACBL on BBO
While I do not know about ACBL tournaments on BBO I am directing and playing in the new EBU tournaments on BBO. 1 Claims and concessions by declarer require both opponents to agree. 2 Claims and concessions by defenders require declarer to agree. 3 After a ruling by the director ...
Both pairs scored above average on the same board
The laws people have come with an idea to do their best to give some benefit to a pair who through no fault of their own have had the opportunity to get a very good score on the board removed. They also come up with an idea to do the ...
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