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April 24, 2014
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Carolyn Eckert, RIP
Thanks for posting this.
Missed The Play Of A Lifetime
If declarer is known to have 2 hearts then partner with Ax has absolutely nothing to think about - he can't lose the A and if he goes up with it he can see that declarer must win the next heart. Rising with the Ace can't possibly be right ...
"Table feel"
I hope this story isn't true.
Bridge Players and the movie world
Yes, that he is holding them in his left hand and couldn't possibly see the indices the way he is holding them. I suspect that his cards are actually strung together to facilitate the trick he attempted (and failed at) just prior to that when he throws them away ...
Bridge Players and the movie world
Buster Keaton I recall reading somewhere that Lucille Ball was a good bridge player, but I can't find anything to confirm that.
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Let's say that the ACBL simply gave master points to any Flight C pair who was willing to turn up and play against Flight A and Flight B players, plus additional master points for every B or C that they finished higher than. What real harm would it do ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
Don't forget Kinsella's short story collection "The Thrill of the Grass" - "The Last Pennant Before Armageddon" and "How I got my Nickname" are two of my favorite baseball short stories.
Can I lead a club?
I'm more than willing to accept the opinion of such an overwhelming majority, but to answer your question - I would certainly have considered a club lead without any UI, but I would also have needed to weigh it against the possible risks (KJx isn't in the beginners books ...
Can I lead a club?
As the creator of a totally unanimous poll - I am going to accept that I am the only person in the world who would worry about the ethics of leading a club here and was totally wrong to do so. I have still got one caveat to your statements above ...
Can I lead a club?
I'm not even vaguely suggesting that there was anything wrong with East's actions, Bridge is a thinking game and sometimes you have to think. But I was acutely aware that he thought for longer than normal after a stop bid, and was certain enough that he was thinking ...

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