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David Parsons
David Parsons
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Nov. 6, 2015
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12 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Actuary, Ranked Chess and Othello Master, now retired and studying Bridge.

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Recently, 42/364 in Silodor Open Pairs at the Spring NABC.
Regular Bridge Partners
Paul Frean, David Libchaber, Irving Gewirtzman, David Carter
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Honors in NYC
Favorite Conventions
Not a convention, but I love New Losing Trick Count (NLTC) for hand evaluation.
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Silver Life Master
Parsons Libchaber
Two over One (Larry Cohen's Style)
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Scrambling Sequence after 1NTX -- Is Pass Alertable?
I received a ruling from the ACBL on this -- The forcing pass is alertable in ACBL-land, and the opponents of the 1NT bidders can claim damages if the pass is not alerted and as a result they pulled the penalty double when they otherwise would not have, had they known ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: QT86 A8 J64 AK97
Partner's hand was: A974 KT73 K75 64 and 4 made, but was not bid by any table.
Runout (Wriggle) Sequences for Penalty Double of 1NT
Ah, thanks for clarifying, Henry. I did misunderstand your point. My thinking was that the alertable pass was exploitable by opener (not responder) in that he need not even think about pulling the double (with a weak hand and six-card suit, for example) if he knows that the pass is ...
Runout (Wriggle) Sequences for Penalty Double of 1NT
I'm very surprised at the poll results. Bridgebum has a list of a number of conventions under the "1NT Escape" class. Only one, "Moscow Escapes," does not require the 1NT bidder to bid again. So, this poll says that practically no one plays ...
Runout (Wriggle) Sequences for Penalty Double of 1NT
Henry, yes, I would assume that if the "pass" forces a bid (XX being the most common) by the 1NT bidder, then the "pass" would be alertable. Partner and I play a 1NT escape system and we alert the "pass" but find that not everyone does. And Michael's point ...
Scrambling Sequence after 1NTX -- Is Pass Alertable?
Gene, you are so off-base it borders on being funny. I always alert the pass in this particular auction. The reason for the OP in this case was an opponent who didn't alert it, and my partner pulled the double. I was wondering whether we could claim damage. You ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: AT74 85 2 QT8754
Thanks, Ray. I'll do that.
Scrambling Sequence after 1NTX -- Is Pass Alertable?
Very interesting, Tom and Gene, and this gets to the underlying point of my OP -- I should have changed the OP to "If opponents do not alert this, can I claim damages"? The actual case at the club involved my partner, who had opened an 11 HCP hand with long ...
Scrambling Sequence after 1NTX -- Is Pass Alertable?
I should have stated "(a) is it legally required in ACBL-land" because the question pertains to opponents who didn't alert it. Sorry.
Scrambling Sequence after 1NTX -- Is Pass Alertable?
There are a few escape or runout methods for a strong 1NT penalty doubled ("Helvic Wriggle", "Superwriggle," "Owen Wriggle" but under most of them the redouble by advancer is a transfer to 2. Under these methods, if advancer wants to play it in 1NT penalty doubled, he passes and ...

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