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David Moss
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May 19, 2013
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about me

I began playing bridge when I was 7.   My father was impatient becasue he neeed a 4th to join my two older brothers and spare my mother the pain of playing with us.  I have been playing in NYC since 1995.  I am currently honored to be  president of the Greater New York Bridge Association

United States of America

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Defend 3NT at IMPs
For some reason I missed this post until this weekend and I find it fascinating. I was West. In response to David B's post, When I got in with the K I "actually went through with my scheme by playing 9 but declarer put the King on it" I ...
Strategy for Winning NABC Pair Event
Any of the choices might be right, but I would want to be prepared for the postmortem. Assume you lose the event by 3 match points and you made a losing decision on the last board. Would you rather say "Sorry partner, I wish I had decided to take the ...
Do Robots Drink Beer?
Alex Perlin who has proven he knows robots about as well as anyone pointed out a potential robot beer scenario in this thread:
David Moss's bidding problem: AJ43 9632 5 8643
The 1H bid is unanimous and it is of course what I bid, but I wanted to bid 1S as the best chance for a decent result. Most often than not Partner supports the major, bids a number of NT or bids a minor on over 1H or 1S. Bidding ...
IMP Pairs
IMP pairs are popular with many players who who tend to be relatively younger and more advanced. But it can be a negative for the rank and file. At our regionals , we often run evening horizontal imp pairs which worked well for the working crowd. We tried a day time ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
D24 must be very good at technology. We train at Hogwarts
GNT Format: Going Forward
Have any of the districts given thought to how to best determine the second Flight B and C teams? The ACBL conditions were modified in February: " In districts in which there were at least eight teams competing in a B or C flight in the district final, a second team ...
USBC Fantasy Bracket Tiebreaker
Typical bridge players! What is wrong with a 5-way tie? The total prize pool is $95 in BW book bucks. Give them each $20. One of the people in last place (like me) can contribute the extra $5.
Grassroots Participation in ACBL Elections
Grassroots Participation in ACBL Elections
It is very rare that I feel the need to defend Jeff. Richard is reasonably reacting to a lot of repetitive comments with more than a little hyperbole. Better to look at actions. The NYC clubs actively encourage players to participate in the regionals. The clubs' walls are currently lined ...

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