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David Morris
David Morris
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Jan. 11, 2014
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I love our game. I'm more interested in improving than in playing, so I study daily. I became a life master back when that was a high achievement (before strats, before MP inflation). I much prefer playing "up" to "playing down," which to me is a totally different game and not much fun. I'd sure like to find an equal and somewhat steady partner here in south Texas, but prospects aren't that favorable. That causes me pain and sends me to the robots for practice. I most enjoy the more difficult and more subtle parts of our game.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
attending a dinner during a Nashville regonal at the home of Tom and Carol Sanders
Bridge Accomplishments
finished 2nd in a couple of regional mens pairs 150 years ago
Regular Bridge Partners
none at present
Member of Bridge Club(s)
I play mostly at the Fiesta DBC in San Antonio
Favorite Tournaments
anything nearby
Favorite Conventions
I play 2/1 with the normal stuff. I don't much care for the more obscure ones, b/c remembering them distracts from my judgment.
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A fine line between...
I understand that analyzing Geir Helgemo is above my pay grade. My mentor taught me a guideline that seems to apply regardless of the expertise of the players involved. You put the opponents to a guess and sometimes that is the best you can do. While the heart discard may ...
Doubt on "Following the law", by Larry Cohen
My input is the rule that you don't fully understand any law if you don't know when to violate it. That's my way of claiming this is and has always been a judgment call. There's plenty of information that goes into it besides what is being ...
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
From that viewpoint, nobody really needs a bridge club.
Red Light / Green Light?
Who cares? South has an opening bid. North is the one with unannounced values. This decision will be made by North.
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Jonathan, here are a couple of concrete suggestions. First, please recognize that it is generally impossible to solve a political problem by applying a rational solution. What you've described is a political problem, so it requires a political solution. You will want to re-frame the discussion so that political ...
Cheating without gaining an advantage
One fallacy here is that all players at both tables are equally proficient declarers. The odds of that are so infinitesimally small as to be impossible. The relative skill of the player gaining the hole card matters a great deal. In this case, then, hypothetical = senseless.
Hard work in 1N
Phil, I appreciate the way you evaluated the variety of bidding options for various matchpoint outcomes. To me, that is one of the best features of robot bridge. What a tremendous opportunity for improving one's game, for those who want to get better. As you indicated, it's a ...
The ACBL Web Page
I can answer that, Greg. You learned to smoke them back out of self-defense. That way, it didn't matter who smelled like smoke.
Why do I need a convention card?
What the Stones didn't say is that you also don't always want what you get.
Responding to openers help suit game try
It's a game try; not a game force. Got your bid and help in GT suit? bid game. No help, don't. Not sure or weaker hand than shown already, return to supported suit. Pard is asking for your judgment, not that you split hairs.

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