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Measuring Deductive Reasoning
Talk to Robert Thorstad. Applying statistics to psychology is his bailiwick.
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: Q943 Q542 --- AJT98
OTOH, if they do bid 5 partner is better placed to compete if I have described my hand.
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: T7xxx K8xxxx QT ---
Was this supposed to be E/W vul?
ATB-missed slam
I have the impression that you play the game of life the same way you play the game of bridge. I hope I'm wrong because that would be sad if were true.
ATB-missed slam
I win in weak fields by outbidding them. True, I outplay them too. But they mostly lose in the bidding, especially slam and competitive bidding. I really don't understand this theory that you shouldn't use your bidding skills because you'll often get an additional trick in the ...
ATB-missed slam
RR, the thread of conversation is getting a little lost here. I think you were responding to me and I definitely was responding to Alvin's post just above mine. I agree, of course, that 4NT is to play. My point was that a weak partner, unless you have devoted ...
ATB-missed slam
I assume that, when someone refers to a weak game in this context, he is referring to the field - not the partner. With a weak partner North has a unilateral decision since he won't get intelligent cooperation. 3 will get 3NT from any hand with the slightest semblance ...
ATB-missed slam
What does your simulation say about the probability of slam opposite a hand which failed to make a cuebid?
ATB - Missed Game
I should perhaps have mentioned in the original post but anyway... At the table, the double was undiscussed. However, in the postmortem both players agreed that it showed precisely four spades and that that was their expectation during the auction. If indeed it showed hearts then both of North's ...
ATB - Missed Game
Agreed. South should open the hand. He will look approvingly on a bid of either major and, especially since he is white, other responses may well turn out fine as well. However, having passed the hand he should clearly drive to game. Among other things he should look [i]very ...

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