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David Libchaber
David Libchaber
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July 19, 2012
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about me

I have finally taken the plunge and opened my own real estate brokerage firm, DML Realty. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in Manhattan, contact me :)  Unfortunately not much time left for playing, but it makes the times I have to play even more valuable.  

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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time I executed a double squeeze, not knowing how I had done it, but figured out that it was on!
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David Parsons
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Loved to play at the Culbertson, when we were all so young....A magnificient club thanks to Anne Mittman.
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File Conversions
Ellis, I have been workng on solving this problem for a while. Jonathan's link works very well.
File Conversions
I am sorry Kevin but you are giving the wrong information. I know so because I actually wrote to Ray about this! BRidge composer does NOT export to Lin but can read a lin file. Please re-read what Ellis is asking for.
Should ACBL staff be furloughed?
Steve, you are right and Ray, you are right as well. Both of you make good points that I didn't see at first. Perhaps the OP is nastier then I originally thought.
Should ACBL staff be furloughed?
I don't have one Ray - but I am happy that someone did raise the question. The fact that none of us have enough financial information to give a competent answer doesn't in any way make the question not worth asking.
Should ACBL staff be furloughed?
I really think that Liz is getting a raw deal here. The question she asked is one that should be asked, and she shouldn't be met with jeer or condescenscion. I don't know how long this crisis will last, and neither do any of you. If we knew ...
Hand Play Animation Software
Wayne, Here is the oroginal post on BW from Sriram: It is excellent for what it was built to do.
Hand Play Animation Software
Wayne, Siram wrote a viewer and posted on BBO about it two years ago I believe. It is quite good but I don't think you can input partial hands. I believe Lin files do use partial hands by using a specific qualifier. Ian, could you ...
Alpha Go the movie on youtube
Why would you set the speed to 1.5? Was it not interesting enough in regular speed?
Alpha Go the movie on youtube
Denis, Thank you so much for the link; what a great movie, and so so so inspiring. So thank you. D.
Book recommendation please (or other material)
Gary The book I go back to over and over is card play technique by Mollo and Gardiner. Nothing on bidding, but I believe that teaching I. to play the cards first will make her enjoy the game more. Watson's is a great book as well, but very dry.

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