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David Hemmer
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Aug. 13, 2013
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March 15
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Responding to a strong jump shift
Yes, although I'm of course interested in the same question opposite 1st seat openers when a 3-card limit raise is in the mix.
Responding to a strong jump shift
bidding 3S as a "punt" with possibly a stiff small spade seems unplayable to me.
Responding to a strong jump shift
This is useful, I really bid 3NT too fast.
Claiming with a trump out
We had a hand in a KO in Philly this weekend where declarer had a trump suit of TXXX opposite AKQx in the dummy in hearts. When she cashed the HA my stiff jack dropped. She then said out loud very clearly "King of hearts, queen of hearts, and then ...
Philly flight cancelled
Unfortunately we missed the NAP flight A,flights from Buffalo to Philly all cancelled and/or delayed six hours.
Six-Table Howell Question
I don't think it's automatically perverse. These pairs don't play each other so it wouldn't matter if they both sat the same direction on every board, what matters is having the set of pairs they are comparing with on each board spread out relatively evenly among ...
Yes because the ACBL wanted to incentivize attendance at sectionals.
Showing the Seven of Spades
Gary I have to respectfully disagree. After what Boye did I think any series of posts showing unusual actions and using the "Ten of spades, jack of spades, etc..." metaphor is implicitly an accusation.
Showing the Seven of Spades
Unless these are computer world championships and he is accusing the computer of peeking!
Showing the Seven of Spades
It seems Mr. Wilsmore is leading up to a ch)(()g allegation (if not he should not have stolen Boye's jack of spades etc... narrative). He is giving enough hands in "world championships" that I imagine sooner or later (or perhaps even already...) someone will be able to work ...
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