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David Goldfarb
David Goldfarb
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Feb. 25, 2012
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Second place in an A/X Swiss, in a field with multiple Grand Life Masters including Eddie Wold and Shawn Quinn.
Regular Bridge Partners
Harry Elliott, Jon Goldberg, Jim Andre
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
An Unassuming Club
An Unassuming Club
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Jim Andre and David Goldfarb 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Sheila + David
2 over 1
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2 over 1
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Mastering the Robots
A couple of other robot quirks I've noticed: The robots will nearly always cover an honor with an honor. If you have a two-way finesse for a queen, the old trick of leading the jack, planning to go up and finesse the other way if it's not covered ...
Mastering the Robots
I am pretty sure that you are in fact suffering from confirmation bias, and that the bots do in fact randomize.
How different are these hands? What's your style?
I once told a partner, "If I have 5422 and one of the long suits is spades, I'm always opening 1 of the 5-card suit." The very next day, playing 12-14 NT, I picked up Txxx AK AQ Jxxxx. "Okay, goddess of bridge," I said to myself, "You win ...
David Goldfarb's bidding problem: KQ2 864 AJ9 9654
In fact that was how partner intended his double. Of course, on the lie of the actual cards, the one person in this poll who wins was the one who bid 3. (3 is cold, 4 is down one.)
David Goldfarb's bidding problem: KQ2 864 AJ9 9654
I don't think I've ever heard of anyone using maximal doubles by an overcaller.
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
Didn't it used to be called "Eastern Scientific"?
Conventions that work best (when they don't come up)
How about the Italian-style control bid promising first [i]or[/i] second round control? So then when partner skips over a suit, you know she doesn't have either. Quite often that lets you stay at the 4-level in cases where old-fashioned control bidders get to the 5-level.
My NABC Online Practice Tourney Day 1 - "The Wild Way"
"When the computer chose to freely bid 2H, I felt that I should raise to 4H even with only three. The fact that the computer would do this with a flat five-count absolutely befuddled me." You've been playing with robots for a while, and you haven't noticed that ...
Fail to alert, the ruling and what wold you have bid?
The vast majority of players in the US play 3 as showing 10-12 points in support. Anything less than that is considered unusual enough to be alerted.
Platinum Point and Membership Stats - ACBL?!
The NABC Swiss has platinum match awards, and even if you don't get past the first day, you're apt to win at least one or two matches.

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