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David Germaine
David Germaine
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Jan. 29, 2012
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July 9
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Bridge Teacher
about me

I teach a course on notrump bidding and play at the BIL 

United States of America

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Bronze Life Master
Two Over One
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David Germaine's bidding problem: A74 87 KQJ3 AT42
At the imp table, I raised to 4. I took partner for 5 heart tricks; I had 4 tricks (2 aces and 2 diamonds). If North also has the A, or either black king, or either black QJ, we could sneak out 10 tricks. North turned up with 852 ...
David Germaine's bidding problem: 7 AJT8532 A5 J53
I don't see any W X. Where are you seeing it?
David Germaine's bidding problem: 3 AKQJT9 53 AKJ4
Exactly, This is a auction that might occur using transfer advance: West North East South 1♦ 1♠ P 2♦1 P 2♥ P 3♣2 P 3♦3 P 4NT4 P 5♣5 P 6♥ 1 Transfer to hearts 2 I have a 1st or 2nd round control in clubs ...
David Germaine's bidding problem: 3 AKQJT9 53 AKJ4
Some play the cue bid as 100% supporting for overcaller's suit; some play it as just forcing and next bid clarifies. What does North do if South bids 4 next after the 2 advance?
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