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David Carlisle
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May 28, 2017
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about me

I have won ma pairs competitions, many swiss teams events including the National Swiss teams on two or three occasions, The Spring foursomes and represented Great Britain and Wales.  Many of these were professional engagements. I was secretary of the LCCBA for while when Richard Fleet was chairman and we ran a very successful congress at Country Hall.  I was also a bridge teacher for many years and together with my wife Jane Preddy ran the West of England Bridge club.  For many reasons these days I no longer play for real but have at the moment regular games on BBO. My basic bridge education was courtesy of Joe Amsbury, the Sharples twins and Jack Marx.  Watching John Collins was very educational,  My wife was a long term friend of Terence Reese who was certainly one of the finest players who ever lived regardless of your views about Beunos Aries.  

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Christopher Moh's bidding problem: Q862 64 A42 AJ62
This is quite close--might double at pairs. If I was on the hunt for IMPs I might double.
How do you play this double?
Reminds me of the infamous Burn double, whereby you double a partscore into game knowing partner will pull, and the opps can hardly bid game since the partscore was already doubled, Of course the game was laydown.
Record trump support; Partnership agreement
Seems to me any regular partnership will have agreed the meaning of 4 in this auction and as long as they have it does not matter to me what their chosen method is. If I have no such agreement I go back to the bare bones and assume it ...
How do you play this double?
Stolen bid keycard Gerber maybe.
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: QJT943 A2 A2 K43
RR Ihat is right on this hand, but with the caveat that pull 3NT to 4. RJF has on his side the possibility that 3 shows two, there are of course hands that offer little choice. KJxxx Ax AJx xxx is an example unless you hold your nose ...
Finding the minor fit
Back in the day we all played Baron 3. It would work well enough here.
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: QJT943 A2 A2 K43
The fourth suit has drawbacks and this hand is certainly an example of one of them--I can see RJF's point but you have really good spades and it seems normal to bid 3 --but having got 3NT I think it best to bid 4. This could be ...
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K 97653 AJ5 KJ53
look at the poll so far-- I would not open 1H because If we dont buy it the lead could be shattering.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: K 97653 AJ5 KJ53
It is certainly not clear to open 1 indeed someone opened 1. As to what to do now I have no idea ==its a guess.
Should bridge authorities be able to tell us what we can bid?
I think some of this not practical --I will open 1NT with a five card major but not every time. There are various reasons for my choice and they differ from hand to hand. I have not discussed this with any of my partners. So where in the rules does ...

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