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Opinion on ruling whether any damage to defenders happened because of different explanations
The odd thing is that without any alerts the opening lead would likely have been the 10. Overtaking the K was obviously wrong since the defender did the wrong thing. That said I am interested to know how much the director charges for lessons. I assume he gets ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: xx A9xx AQJT9 xx
Bruce you are right but some partnerships use 2 as a catch all allowing 2 to show four plus. If you do not require 3 to show KQJxxxx and a picture somewhere, as I mentioned earlier, it is well suited to describe this hand.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: AK4 A83 AQ63 A42
This hand has four aces which is always a plus but very poor shape and no trick source so the upgrade is on balance wrong. I also feel an urgent need to limit my hand but cannot expect partner to envisage four aces. If I had opened 2NT I would ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: xx A9xx AQJT9 xx
A lot depends upon your agreements here--I would bid 3 if it will not be taken as invitational with hearts.I would bid 2 over 1 even if it is game forcing.
Should this bid be alerted?
Of course that would be a bad move but if as believe that an alert is not required in this case, and your alert causes a defender to change the lead and that results in the declarer getting a better score, what then?
Mechanics of Counting Goren Points in Hand
There is a thing called muscle memory in some sports like golf whereby repetition allows the action to become automatic. Counting points is the same no matter what method you use.
Andrew Thompson RIP
His mother was a very intelligent well educated Orcadian and very active into her nineties. His father was the head of pathology at the West Middlesex Hospital. Andrew was educated I think at St Paul's School but never went to university. He was really a bridge pro all of ...
Should this bid be alerted?
I have a question: If you volunteer information that is not required under the roles of the jurisdiction causes on opp to make a bid or play that disadvantages them is there a remedy within the rules? Here for example where an opp might have led a non spade and ...
Should this bid be alerted?
You assume a spade may be best--of course it can present declarer with a ninth trick if hr has say KQ10 --you say something which diverts them from a better lead.
Should this bid be alerted?
Not in the slightest emotional but logical we have no agreement--so I say so if asked.

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