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A suit combination - the Board 21 deal
Quite --try for five heart tricks and exit diamond if it works.
ATB - Slam at IMPs
Initially I was thinking the same thing--the insurance is to try 5 which should be safe enough. I think 5 asks for club control.
Negotiated Settlement
Good because we as more experienced players can take he sting out of these situations.
Negotiated Settlement
Actually Ed you can do much better than that--you can play with some weaker players. it will help them t understand what is happening and why.
Negotiated Settlement
I think you need to differentiate from those who regard bridge as a pleasant distraction and those who are fiercely competitive. There have been many efforts to do this over the years and some of these players will get the bug. So I completely agree with Peg, club directors should ...
Do you care?
Cats are cunning you will simply never catch them at it--believe me they can read you.
What's He Doing This Time?
Firstly if partner is inclined she can try 2nt but here it simply has to show a good hand with likely five hearts. At ant form of bridge--you simply do not need to have take out mentality for all doubles.
What's He Doing This Time?
He for sure has hearts since with just minors bidding here is dangerous, cannot be any kind of prebalance. I am happy to pass and if rho bids 2 it is my turn to double.
Do you care?
Seems you guys are dancing on a pinhead--bridge is the only game where you need a partner there is no singles option. That brings in a huge emotional aspect and it can get real nasty. There was a study which purported to show bridge players achieve greater longevity that other ...
That 4D-5C hand again
many years this idea called preparedness was quite fashionable--I think developed by Baron but I am sure Richard Fleet will know. They would open 1 with four spades and five hearts--the same with the minors. It was not a great idea and gradually fell into that big pot of ...

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