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May 28, 2017
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Michael Donnelly's lead problem: J752 KQ3 A7652 6
I likely have three tricks and i do not want a diamond to go walkies. A gives you a look too unless it is ruffed. leading a club looks wrong with two natural trump tricks.
Colin Baker's bidding problem: AK6 AQJ98432 53 ---
Playing with Kieth Loveys who held AkQxx xx void AKQxxx he opened 1 I responded 1 and he bid seven. Making on wrong lead. They stopped in five in other room. They made it.
Wolfhart Umlauft's lead problem: K2 Q942 KJ973 A2
Anything might be correct tbh I cannot think of a reason why one thing is better than another.
Colin Baker's bidding problem: AK6 AQJ98432 53 ---
Quite like 6 here they can lead blind.
Colin Baker's bidding problem: AK6 AQJ98432 53 ---
as is 4¬s over a 4 opening.
Mark Jones's lead problem: 865 94 QT96 J543
I would expect AKQ of clubs in dummy likely six carder--so a club is fine.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: JT8 --- A87 QT98642
If 3 is not forcing then it has some merit, however in my experience it tends to lead to 3. FWIW I think 3 should be forcing.
Three-card major suit openings by Jais and Trezel
There many examples of the three card overcalls which can be productive. The late Hal Sims was faced with AKx opposite Q10xx for four tricks after Adam Meredith had overcalled 11s on his left. He cashed the AKQ dropping the jack on his right commenting no one would dare overcall ...
Three-card major suit openings by Jais and Trezel
Pretty sure this only works when playing four card majors, one hand type in third seat is holding AKQ stiff and a non opening hand.
I agree with all the above but the actions taken at the table are not stupid.

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