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David Caprera
David Caprera
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July 20, 2010
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about me

I am a lawyer in Denver, Colorado, married to Anne Brenner, my partner in life as well as bridge. I am on the USBF board, the District 17 disciplinary chair, coach of the USA under 26-2 junior team, and write a monthly column, "Sleeping on the Couch". A collection of my columns is now available in book form from Master Point Press. My 19,000 master points aren't worth a damn without a national championship and my dream is that some day I win the "Italian-American, pony-tailed tax specialist playing with the Francophile, retired pathologist four session senior mixed BAM."

United States of America

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Anne Brenner/David Caprera
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Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
If you don't play with nice partners you end up sleeping on the couch. But even without the CJ AQx, Kxxx, --, Qxxxxx opp Kx, AT9x, AKxx, Axx (and opener owes me a point), 6C is all 2-2's (40) plus 5/8ths of 3-1's (stiff K or Kxx ...
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
"How would you bid this hand?" 2N 19-20 - 3C 3H-3S big raise 4C-5D exclusion 5N 2 without 6C natural and not an SAB after responder denies the trump Q, "games before slam" and "smalls before grands". Damn. We missed 6N.
cue bids
I am guessing Joe plays 2N as the 4 trump raise. We agree.
Mentality of Cheating
Michael, of course you are right that the sequel was "The Color of Money." "Fat man, you shoot a great game of pool" is such a wonderful line.
USBF To Hold U31 Trials for 2020 WYBTC
I am sorry but the event was announced too late for our budget and we don't really have the money, and it was also too late to be made a part of the Atlanta junior trials. This year's treatment is not intended to be precedent and we will ...
Mentality of Cheating
Dumping a match because you bet against yourself was a subject in Easy Money, the sequel to The Hustler (one of the great all-time moves (The Hustler that is.) It isn't cheating to win the billiard game, it is cheating to win a bet. The idea of dumping to ...
Mentality of Cheating
Yes, the sticky bat exists but I would hardly call it a scandal. But sure, I will try again. Billiards. There is a billiard term, "Cheating the pocket" but it refers to not aiming at the middle of the pocket to avoid a scratch or obtain better position. There has ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
Ray, that was very good.
Michael Kopera's lead problem: AKJ8 T8 T976 AJ8
Welcome to polling ethics 101. I checked D6 (suit preference) and did not consider the possibilty that partner had a club ruff. I now believe CA is indicated. What are the BW standards for changing my choice? Am I entitled to change my mind? And what does it mean? Does ...
Mentality of Cheating
Randy, educate me as to cheating in competitive table tennis. (In a former life I played intercollegiate table tennis and won a state flighted championship (second flight.)) The postings I found on the internet after searching "cheating table tennis" dealt with rule violations, for example, a serve where the bat ...

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