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David Caprera
David Caprera
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July 20, 2010
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about me

I am a lawyer in Denver, Colorado, married to Anne Brenner, my partner in life as well as bridge. I am on the USBF board, the District 17 disciplinary chair, coach of the USA under 26-2 junior team, and write a monthly column, "Sleeping on the Couch." My 16,000 master points aren't worth a damn without a national championship and my dream is that some day I win the "Italian-American, pony-tailed tax specialist playing with the Francophile, retired pathologist four session senior mixed BAM."

United States of America

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Anne Brenner/David Caprera
2 over 1 except rebid
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Carding Problem
I agree with comments that your partner erred, but in answer to an implied question, "If I want to tell partner that declarer is overruffing (typically an uppercut situation), we lead "low is yes". (UDCA) I know this sound stupid and/ or arrogant, but I thought was standard.
FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
2H is a bad bid. We are not in anything approaching a force. If the person holding this hand, who had bid this way, had a heart attack at the table (perhaps caused by the realization of how badly he had bid), was carried away (comma here?) and I was ...
Board 120 will undoubtedly be analyzed around the world. Did Pepsi make the right play? He knew one sure thing - trump broke 3-2 and LHO had 3. But there were some other inferences available to him. Meckwell play standard carding at trick one. The H2 was an odd number (consistent ...
So you want to be a Vugraph operator
The trials were in Denver a couple of years ago. At the last minute my team withdrew for a medical reason. So I volunteered. I too was dumbfounded at first. I thought I would be able to keep track of the play and have plenty of time to add pithy ...
Without the UI, I would assume 3H is a big spade raise which I would have rejected. Why does the UI change things? To the contrary, not bidding 3S is taking advantage of UI.
Unusual Avoidance
Different strokes for different folks and that is why we lace them up. Rebidding 2H on A8532 I find abhorrent, probably as much as you feel about my 2N rebid. But I am in 3N claiming while you are struggling in 5C. A not-too-subtle example of showing wrongsiding is overrated ...
Kevin Cline's bidding problem: T94 AQJ8743 62 5
What is your agreement on 1S-(2C)-3H? Hard to answer without knowing agreement.
Weishu Wu's lead problem: AKQ 765 JT64 JT9
I didnt know which spade was my power card, but I can't see how SQ can go wrong. I may now learn.
Break from the US Open Trials: Report on a Junior's first tournament hand!
Kyle, you are "the Rock". Great story. I am sure everyone who reads your story will think, "I remember when... Just for grins, I think my auction would be 3C-4D (baby KCB)- 4N (1 with, so think KQ7th (but at these colors not KQ7th and out), shoot (Eugene, for you ...
What is this double?
Responsive. Shows values, not penalty. May be 2 places to play. I dont know which box to check.

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