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David Burn
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Aug. 28, 2010
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about me

A bookful blockhead, ignorantly read

With loads of learned lumber in his head,

Fixed like a plant on his peculiar spot

To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot.

United Kingdom

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TGRs Young Chelsea
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Tough contract
You can, but your chances are 50% not the 75% you claimed. (Playing on diamonds looks bonkers in any case, but that is not the point.)
Tough contract
Why will West play A if he has it? He knows you have a doubleton and a guess.
ATB - Undoubled contract
North should double, because South might have clubs. Of course, South might also have nothing, in which case reopening could work badly, but that's not the way to bet.
A Close Decision at IMPs
Chance that K will drop is about 26% (one third of the 78% chance of a 2-1 break). The rest of the time you need 3-3 clubs (you cannot avail yourself of Jx since you don't have the entries) which is about another 35.5*74 = 26%, so your ...
The History of History (Part 1)
You can say that again.
I think I've seen this problem before, so I can only conclude that should BW decide to list articles in alphabetical rather than chronological order you are trying to be at the top if the list.
You be the judge!
The four level is in jeopardy if the hand opposite AK has a heart void.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Just for drill, Kerry, do you know the answer to that question? Or at any rate, do you have some notion of how to work out the answer to that question?
Tough contract
In these parts, the "line of play" will consist in moaning about any and all of the following: Not using the hand-diagram tool Not giving the auction Not putting "Other" as a third option in the poll. Welcome, nevertheless, to BridgeWinners. I'd pitch a diamond and intend AK and ...
Michael Rosenberg on a Grand Slam
The truth may be, as usual, somewhere in the middle. The verb "eulogize" is often used to mean simply "praise highly" - dead people, living people, inanimate objects, works of art and the like are spoken of as being "eulogized" without any incongruity. But the noun "eulogy" is, as John Miller ...

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