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David Burn
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Aug. 28, 2010
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about me

A bookful blockhead, ignorantly read

With loads of learned lumber in his head,

Fixed like a plant on his peculiar spot

To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot.

United Kingdom

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TGRs Young Chelsea
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I think the player who never misguessed a queen was P Hal Sims.
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
Curiously enough, that was what I thought. But I try not to explain my own jokes, unless at the University of Oxford.
ATB-aggressive game (matchpoints) down 1
Sure, partner might have five diamonds (in which case bidding 3 will even be Law-abiding) and if he really is 4=4=3=2 he'll correct to an illegal 3 anyway. I was merely taking issue with the assertion that "West has a double fit". Meanwhile, not ...
ATB-aggressive game (matchpoints) down 1
How many diamonds did that opening bid show? If East could be 4=4=3=2, West doesn't know of a diamond fit. Sometimes, you people just make it up as you go along.
1m-1M (Minimum expected values) (1 of 2)
Experience has taught me that whatever minimum values you might expect, you will sometimes be disappointed. I once opened a minor and rebid 2NT over partner's response in a major. Muttering apologies, he put down xxxxx xxxx xx x.
Humans play bridge very well, so "world-class bridge" is at a much higher level in terms of what is possible within the game than world-class chess (which humans play badly) or world-class Go (which humans play atrociously). That is: AI will never play bridge at levels far above humans, because ...
Fourteen winners, one loser
"North will drive slam in hearts now." Er... how?
Does this sequence show anything extra?
I dimly recall a deal from Yokohama 1991, the year Iceland won the Bermuda Bowl. It started 1 3 and third hand had about three diamond tricks in about a 20 count. Playing opposite "honest other" bidders, should he have taken a chance on 6NT?
ATB-aggressive game (matchpoints) down 1
A rule of thumb is: in competition allow yourself to be pushed one level but not two. East allowed himself to be pushed one level, to 3. West allowed himself to be pushed two levels, to 4. So, 3 was reasonable but 4 was ghastly.
Does this sequence show anything extra?
Nearly voted "other" - it's not that he must double, but he may double. This, however, would potentially have rendered inaccurate a prediction that until now has always been inaccurate but here has a genuine chance: "surely a unanimous panel".

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