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David Burch
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May 17, 2018
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about me

I'm just a pretty average club player in the UK.  However, I am Chairman of Woking Bridge Club in Surrey, UK, which is a friendly ethical club, so do join us if you fancy a game while visiting the area.

Also, I have a Ph.D. in Statistical Mechanics, and know how the odds of suit distributions really work.

United Kingdom

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Do you play your 2!D opening as a weak 2?
Yes - and 2 weak, too. Opponents always ask "What's your strong bid?". To which I reply either "We never hold strong hands." or "We open 1 and catch up.", as the mood takes me.
S. J. Simon and economics
Why You Lose at Bridge - 2nd Edition February 1945 To the memory of Richard Lederer (text is centered)
The New Tricks Tournament Series
So much has improved since Master Bridge aired in the 1980s, and so good to see Zia appearing in both.
I Need Help With 1NT Openings
On Thursday, I opened 1NT "12-14. May contain a singleton." holding: 9 AT9 AQ82 QJ952 Does this make me a bad person?
Long Suits
Hi John, Were these computer gerated hands? I have a suspicion that dealing programs produce clusters of similar hands in the short term, while maintaining long term probabilities.
What should E play after partner leads AC and why
Perhaps West should have led the King for count.
ATB Matchpoint disaster
Me, too, but we play 2 as a negative free bid. So it is that or 3 fit-jump. I'd choose the fit-jump.
A defensive conundrum
Duck - like Skid Simon says.
Cuebid or natural?
Fit non-jump... Club suit and Diamond support to help partner decide what to do over 3.
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
This happened to me last night! As dealer, I held 5 763 AKQ10 K10765 - and I didn't know what to do. The Clubs did not look rebidable, and I decided to pass as someone was bound to open a major, and I could join in later. In the event ...

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