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David Burch
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May 17, 2018
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Sept. 16
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about me

I'm just a pretty average club player in the UK.  However, I am Chairman of Woking Bridge Club in Surrey, UK, which is a friendly ethical club, so do join us if you fancy a game while visiting the area.

Also, I have a Ph.D. in Statistical Mechanics, and know how the odds of suit distributions really work.

United Kingdom

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A defensive conundrum
Duck - like Skid Simon says.
Cuebid or natural?
Fit non-jump... Club suit and Diamond support to help partner decide what to do over 3.
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
This happened to me last night! As dealer, I held 5 763 AKQ10 K10765 - and I didn't know what to do. The Clubs did not look rebidable, and I decided to pass as someone was bound to open a major, and I could join in later. In the event ...
How do you play trumps?
The other David B.'s numbers are spot on, of course, but what can be calculated at the table? Let's assume that North has 10 red cards as David says, but that the absence of a Lightner Double precludes a Spade void. Therefore North holds either a Singleton J ...
Comparable Call?
Thinking of the Comparable Call as the Yoke in the Egg of the Withdrawn Call, both a 6-9 1NT response and a 2-level limit raise are clearly Comparable Calls to a Withdrawn Pass.
Comparable Call?
Whoever wrote the laws does not understand set theory, and used a word of which they did not know the meaning.
AH, or rather ARGHH! It's my fault, I have muddled Length and Strength too. Thank you David for allowing this penny to gently drop. Unfortunately I seem to unable to edit and corrected the original. With apologies to all, especially Ron Klinger.
No David, I should have said "number tricks required for the contract" instead of "the level of contract" - but I'm sure you knew that! Should I edit the original?
Avoid the Ruffs
Thank you both for the clarifications, Daniel and Ronald, which are very useful for me.
In Ron Klinger's "100 Winning Bridge Tips" he presents three criteria required for a penalty double below game level: a) 20+ points on your side b) Length in the trump suit: Rule of 10 (Level of contract + expected trump winners >=10) c) Strength in the trump suit: Rule of ...

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