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David Boxley
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March 9, 2012
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Haven't played seriously in over 25 years.

United States of America

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Jeroen Wieland's bidding problem: K4 J32 KQ9 T7543
At this level opposite a passed hand? I suppose, maybe, but if you're really playing him for that, shouldn't you be saving? Can you give me an example hand? Everyone disagrees with me but I really don't see it.
Alan Frank's bidding problem: 52 K743 9632 754
I think that 3 over 2, since it is a free bid, would be considered a raise. Not sure I understand your comment, are you just pimping me? :)
Walter Schmid's bidding problem: 8 KQJT4 A AJT987
If this isn't worth a reverse I don't know what is. If you're worried about 4 coming back to you, opening 1 won't solve that problem.
Walter Schmid's bidding problem: AQ753 --- T3 KQJT73
I agree completely with the abstainers but since I am here I am bidding 4. I thought about 5 but decided I didn't want to make two knucklehead bids on one hand.
Jeroen Wieland's bidding problem: K4 J32 KQ9 T7543
Do the passers not believe that a double of 4 is penalty? Or do they think it is making? Something funny is going on here and I trust my partner.
James Huntington's bidding problem: 862 A54 AJT86 AJ
With only poor to medium 3 card support in either major and a good alternative to double I'm surprised that 4, up to now, chose it.
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: J3 AT32 A82 KT32
I'm having trouble coming up with possible hands for partner but I could hardly have better cards on the auction. He must have a hand that was too good for 4 over 3.
Alan Frank's bidding problem: 52 K743 9632 754
If partner has what I expect, 6-5, then I don't think we can beat 4 and I plan to bid 5 if they bid it. Partner will know that I have 4-4 since with only 3 hearts and a bad hand I would have just raised diamonds.
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: T4 Q932 AK84 A76
Since I don't know you it really doesn't matter much.
Steve White's bidding problem: A82 QJ872 3 QT74
Partner has a diamond stack and a good hand, could be short in hearts. This is not the sort of auction where you balance vul with a light takeout double.

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