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Dave Kresh
Dave Kresh
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May 14, 2015
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about me

Retired business/engineering systems analyst. Frequent online (OKB), occasional club and local tourney player. Avid interest in bidding systems and bidding theory. Developer - Naturelle bidding system. Approximately 600 MPs as of 2015, but with tentative power rating (per Colorado Springs) of over 11000 MPs.  This must be due to my bidding rather than declarer play or defense. Willing to share Naturelle with anyone interested in learning or playing. Would love to see the system used by better players than myself, which means most anyone on Bridgewinners ;-).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting my favorite partner (life/bridge) at our Regional 24 years ago, marrying her a year later.
Bridge Accomplishments
1) Winning 2-session Stratified Open Pairs at Pittsburgh Sectional in 1991. We had about 200 MPs total, the field included almost a dozen Top 500 players. 2) Played lifetime in only three Open National events (Pittsburgh), nearly qualifying for Jacoby Swiss day 2. 5th in the A/X pairs after 1 session (just behind Zeke Jabbour, but ahead of some other well-knowns (scrounging my only Platinum Point out of the 2nd session)
Regular Bridge Partners
Andrew Petrick, Bob Kleinmann, Mitchell Model, Bruce Karlan, and Cathi Kresh. Formerly, Steve Nolan
Favorite Tournaments
Cross Creek Sectional (7 Cities), anything in a 2-hour radius of Pittsburgh. Also Gatlinburg - a great Regional
Favorite Conventions
Weak NT, Intermediate 2 Bids, 2-Way Stayman, and natural doubles and redoubles. Also 2-Way Minisplinters, and short suit game/slam tries.
BBO Username
BBO username - dkresh; OKB username - kresh
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Your 3rd Seat 1!H Opening Bid
Craig, I agree that AQJTx is quite different from AKTxx. I prefer to think in terms of playing tricks rather than HCP, but HCP made a simple way to delineate poll options and keep them under 16. I think it would have been an error had i listed them as ...
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Craig, I used to think that both opponents ostensibly show good hands in this auction. But my eyes are being opened on BW as to how weak 3rd seat openers are being played now. Your example hand for the minimum 1 level overcall seems to be approximately what many would ...
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
For us, the overcall is almost always in the 5-6 loser range, so this is hand is not likely to be theirs, unless partner is strong in their suit. If that is the case, we shouldn't be in bad shape if they insist on outbidding us.
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Peg, I agree with you that slam is in sight here. For us, 1 is sound, 3 shows the singleton, and opener's rebid indicates working values across the singleton. With a positive rebid, South is in the slam zone.
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
If one assumes that computing power will double every 2 or 3 years, then eventually run time should not be an issue. 52 cards can be dealt and played out in only a finite (if huge) number of ways, and eventually the computers will digest even that large number and ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Should be possible. And at that point I would be more confident of that first digit in a 45.40% result given by a simulation, and would start paying attention to that second digit. For now, I see 45.40% as "about half", and 35.24% as "about a third.
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Michael, I wish the source of errors were only limited to the ones you listed - sampling and bias. It does seem to me to be crazy to put much faith in those 500 people when so many factors are "out there" waiting to influence your final answer. Oddly enough, there ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Steve, I think this simulation stuff is still in its infancy if it doesn't account for that opposition bidding you mention. But I assume that step 1 will be an assumption made on the designer's favored system (say 2/1). To really simulate reality, the program would have ...
Unnatural One-Notrump Overcalls
Jim, thanks for the reference, but our double is not quite penalty. With the defensive strength of at least a strong NT, and some length in their suit, the double is more power double than penalty. It strongly suggests penalty, but requires a little help (say 5+HCP) from partner ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Csaba, I came to a similar shocking first-reaction to a simulation offered in a response to Leonard's "Downgrade" post. The numbers for total tricks at 3N for 18HCP across 4333 and 4432 7HCP hovered around 8 1/4. My first instinct was to say we need to rethink this ...

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