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Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson
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July 19, 2011
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Houston-area resident. Used to live down the street from James Kirk.

At one time was ranked #23 in the entire ACBL in "Pending Points".




United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
meeting the woman whom I would later marry
Bridge Accomplishments
National wins: 2014 GNT B, 2013 NAP B, 2009 Red Ribbon, 1990 NLM Swiss National 2nd: 2015 10K Swiss
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Bridge Club of Houston
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Gold Life Master
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Daniel Jackson/Mike Doyle
2 over 1
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Oh, the pain
I like Mads' line, except if trumps are 5-0 I draw trump, then run the clubs. Either the spade is onside or maybe a spade-diamond squeeze. The chance of 4-3 clubs is higher than the 50% spade finese.
Source of PBN/Deal Files + matchpoint results?
How about Doop?
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: --- AKT AK876 AQ986
I think a more interesting poll would be what to do last round to keep them from bidding 7.
Third-Level Reasoning?
You're already a trick behind the field by playing the T, so you might as well try to get it back by playing a diamond to the K and finessing the J.
K98x vs AQ7x
Context is important. If one opponent has preempted, that would make the other opponent more likely to have four or five of your suit. Having sufficent entries can also be a factor. You would never play the king first if you don't have another entry back to that hand ...
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: T52 72 T975 QJ75
Responder only wanted to know aces as he had xx of clubs and was holding the king of hearts. Responder was AKQxxx KTxx x xx.
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: T52 72 T975 QJ75
Dummy had 6=4=1=2, declarer 3=5=1=4. But I see your point.
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: T52 72 T975 QJ75
The companion hand was not going to save with x xx AKQxxxx Kxx. 7 is very cheap.
How and what do you bid, then how do you go about making either(6!S or6NT)
I'd like to be in 6NT by North. It's cold on a spade or diamond lead, any 3-2 spades, 4-1 spades with a stiff honor, and other bad spade splits if guessed.
-700 the hard way, ATB
I was actually wondering about that too, what's the easy way to score -700?
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