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Dan Wilderman
Dan Wilderman
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Oct. 28, 2010
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about me

I am the father of two wonderful children who have forced bridge to the back burner.  I've had a few successes here and there, but hope for much more when I can find more time in the future.


United States of America

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4th Fast Pairs Las Vegas 2014; 6th World Imp Pairs 2010
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Silver Life Master
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Dan Wilderman's bidding problem: J975 A4 JT953 87
This is why I posted the problem. The community does not seem to have any concerns about this. But would they be so sure at the table? And if they were opener sitting with a few extras, would they feel they could pass three diamonds?
A Robot Compromise
Having more points increases your number of decisions. The result is that it takes fewer boards to determine who has true skill. This is quite important.
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
I tell my researchers that anecdotes about the market are just story time without putting numbers behind it. They should be elementary school teachers and read books if they want stories instead of facts. For facts (at least in a statistical sense) we need to run the numbers. In this ...
RIP Mike Cappelletti Sr
After a demoralizing day in the Silodor Open Pairs in 2007, I found myself drowning my sorrows at a 2-4 limit hold 'em game on a riverboat near the St. Louis NABC. Mind you, I am a truly hopeless poker player, though far better than these sorry riverboat gamblers. After ...
If I was king for a day
In regards to winnowing the number of regional events, I think a good analogy would be to think of this in the same way that long distance running events are organized and scored. The gun goes off, everyone goes scampering over the line at the same time, but there are ...
Joon Pahk on Jeopardy!
Joon's performance has really been extraordinary. Though his knowledge of trivia has of course been otherworldly, I am particularly impressed by his ability to press his advantage in the daily doubles. He correctly has reasoned that taking a shot to double up on a daily double in a category ...
First and Last
I'd personally place much of the blame with South on the last hand. 5 protects against the disaster of putting a new partnership under pressure if there was any doubt about what 2 meant. But assuming we don't need to worry about that, I far prefer ...
A Novel Use for the Sequence 2C-2D-2NT
A while back, my partner and I also found it useful to pull the 18-19 balanced hands out, however we found it particularly useful to have an additional step of bidding, thus using 2 as our 18-19 balanced, and 2 to cover the hands generally found in a ...
Dialing Toll Free
Oops. Missed the part about your considerations re: pass. Thanks for the interesting post.
Dialing Toll Free
On Board 5, what can be gleaned from Gold's spade holding given Bobby's double and his pass. I'm not sure what they play double as there, but if you can infer (hope?) that Gold has fewer than 3 spades, maybe your best shot is simply to pass ...

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