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Dan Denison
Dan Denison
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July 20, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired Banker living in San Diego.  Indifferent golfer.  BBO addict, but not as bad as my wife. Dedicated grandfather.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Lifetime favorite auction: (1D)-2D-(3D)-4D-(5D)-6D-(P)-7H (claimed at trick one)
Regular Bridge Partners
Richard Unger; Jeremy Fields; Mary Lou Denison
Favorite Tournaments
Spring NABC's; Hawaii and Palm Desert regionals; WBF's in US
Favorite Conventions
10-13 NT
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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Mini-NT when?
misplaced comment moved.
Mini-NT when?
Never play in 1 No doubled, but pass forces XX which is occasionally a good place or may scare the opps into another bid.
Mini-NT when?
10-12 is usually a preempt, but you just don't know what suit it is in yet. So you need a good run-out system. You won't ever play 1N doubled. You might get penalized seriously in your run-out suit, but our experience with hundreds hands in this auction is ...
Dan Denison's bidding problem: K73 KJT93 T AJT8
With the score after 6 hours being 17 to 0, I guess we can treat this opinion as unanimous. The only 5H bidder seems to be Jeff Meckstroth. Rodwell accepted the invitation to 6H. (Not sure what their understanding is; he had AQxx of H and second round control of ...
Dan Denison's bidding problem: AQ J6542 Q64 KJ5
In the event I passed, and it was bloody. Down three. Either 1N to protect the tenaces, or XX resulting in 2D from the other side, would be down one, or lead to opponents bidding and making a part score. In retrospect, I like Richard Fleet's suggestion of treating ...
Dan Denison's bidding problem: T9875 4 AJ954 T8
Hmmm. You passed in real life. And a very solid majority supported you. But the majority is not always right.
Jack Spear's bidding problem: JT32 AJ92 2 AJ32
I am a recent convert, but now strong believer, in the theory that in this type of 5-level auction, pass is forcing, and I should pass with one diamond and double with two. Partner can then make an informed decision. Bidding is optional with a void. The theory, which I ...
Dan Denison's bidding problem: AQJT8 K Q9875 T5
Thanks to all for your votes. This hand was from the recent Keohane Individual event at the Newton, MA regional. My choice was to pass, which resulted in a zero. I posted this hoping to reassure myself that I was not the lone ranger. I am somewhat reassured.
Changing the CDR - an ACBL BoD motion
I think at high levels, there is conspiracy to defraud. A pro pair's sponsor is paying them for performance to achieve an objective, which will be taken away if they are found to be cheating They are competing against other pros who fail to achieve their own incentives when ...
Changing the CDR - an ACBL BoD motion
IANAL - Definitely! And I did not intend the word "complaint" to refer to a court filing. "Referral" is probably the appropriate word. My post was aimed at the overall target of drafting a BOD motion. I suggest that the NABC procedure explicitly include a referral to the appropriate agency (FBI ...

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