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Cristian Dinescu
Cristian Dinescu
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April 6, 2012
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Which robot is more guilty?
Slam is lucky with two Kings well placed. But 5 is for sure a possible place to play. Maybe it makes and if not probably it is a good save against 4 made. I can't predict what actual human players will act at the table in a ...
What were my chances?
You deserve to be punished! First: you open 1NT with 5-4 in the majors. Second: your partner tries to steel the hand by forcing 3NT instead of a transfer to 3. Third: 3NT is doomed from the start on a diamond lead...
Transfers Or not ?
I would suggest the following answer: for highly professional's pairs it doesn't matter probably, but for the average pairs transfer is winning more boards than it is losing.
This is a bit labirintic for me
1C strong, 17+ HCP)-1H(8...11 HCP)-2H-2S-3C-4C-4NT(RKCB)-5H(2 KC w/o Q)-5NT(we have all KC)-6C (no new K)-7C
The price of pessimism
Better bidding system: 1NT (15...17)-3S (FG 3-1-5-4 or 3-1-4-5)-4D-4NT (RKCB)-5S(2A+DQ)-5NT-6C (CK)-7D
What is standard meaning here ?
My view is that over a weak bid of 2/2/2 a 16...19 HCP hand balanced is fine for 2NT intervention, but it is not OK over a 2 12...16 HCP opening. This leaves aprox 5-6 HCP in average to partner and you ...
What is standard meaning here ?
True. But what range is partner ? 15-18 HCP ? With 5 HCP it is easy to pass. What if you have 8-9-10 HCP ? Do you still pass ?
Rotaru and Nistor Win LM Pairs
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
Just switch from 2/1 to Precision and the problem vanishes!
What's this double?
Take out 100%

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