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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 86 AQ98654 A6 A8
A useful convention, fairly popular I think, is to differentiate "forcing, choice of game" 3 2nd rebids from "help, please let me out in 3" garbage hand with long hearts type as follows: (a) with one (say the 3 sign-off type), bid 3 (b) with the ...
Continuation after minor suit reverse
I believe "Ingberman" uses the cheapest unbid strain as the (usually) weak relay, whereas "Lebensohl" uses 2NT. The difference only occurs on auctions 1-1M-2, where with Ingberman, 2OM is the artificial, usually weak relay, whereas with Lebensohl 2NT would serve that purpose. On all other reverse auctions, 2NT ...
Continuation after minor suit reverse
2 here is "Ingberman". Usually, it is a prelude to attempting to sign off over a minimum reverse. But it has a couple of stronger meanings: 1. if followed by 3NT, shows ~12-14 relatively balanced (with stopper(s) in 4th suit). Contrast this with immediate 3NT which is ~9-11 ...
Name that Call?
Should be a good hand with both minors. This is much better than defining it as RKCB because you have no other way to show the good minor 2-suiter. If you have a good (slammish) hand with support for partner's spades, you can bid either: (a) 5 This ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T953 J64 642 KT3
As someone with little experience playing big club, I am curious as to whether East's pass is forcing and (whether or not it is) what implications it might carry differentiating it from "double" or 1NT ? It would seem to me that since our side can never play a contract ...
4333 over 1NT
no--simulation included only balanced 1nt openers, which I think is still the norm.
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: J9764 Q84 K9732 ---
I consider my pass here "not close."
Smolen after an opening 2N?
Jordan, After 2NT-3-3, responder with four hearts knows that no heart fit (8+ cards) can exist. If that responder has four spades also (i.e. 4=4 majors), there is still the possibility of a spade fit, so he continues with 3 (the "spade length inquiry"). Opener ...
4333 over 1NT
Barry, I'd be happy to run any simulation you think would be enlightening, but I'm not sure what it is you are asking for that is different from what I did in the simulation referenced above. That one used the actual OP hand from this discussion opposite randomly ...
Smolen after an opening 2N?
Jordan, You are correct 2N-3-3-3N shows 4=5 majors but is non-forcing. If responder has a stronger hand with 4=5 majors, he can bid 4NT (slam invitational, still not forcing) or 5NT (slam forcing). Similarly, after 2N-3-3-3N (showing four spades), 3NT is not forcing, so ...
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