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Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
Yes--I think that would be a less accurate description than "15-17". And my partner will NOT be expecting "fewer than 15 HCPs" nor more than 17 (which is also possible). He will bid under the assumption that my hand is worth somewhere in the range between: on the low end ...
WBF is this alertable
I do not believe that 1N-2-2-2 "normally" shows a weak hand with 5 s and 4 s. I would say the traditional meaning of this sequence is a game invitational hand with 5 s and 4 s. It is therefore passable but not weak. I will quote ...
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
Here are some interesting simulation results I just obtained. All simulations were 5000 deals (so results should be accurate to within 1% probably). For all simulations, the opposite hands were randomly chosen balanced hands with exactly 13 HCPs and no other constraints except that the combined hands were not allowed ...
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
The NT range disclosure is intended to describe what we play. "15-17" means that I open 1NT with (balanced) hands whose value is closer to that of average balanced 15, 16, or 17 HCP hands than it is to average balanced 14 or 18 HCP hands. Since "4-3-2-1" point count ...
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
Me too. I don't mind if "others" do it either as long as it's not my partner :-).
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: 53 KQ65 AT6 AK97
Something about methods would be nice. We play that partner's 4 overcall shows a 2-suiter with 5(+) s and 5+ s and is forcing. If OP 4 is just "natural", how does it differ from 5 or double followed by 5? Second, what methods does ...
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
Richard, I took your "bad" to mean "a bad hand", i.e. less than game invitational strength, or, roughly, 5-9 HCPs. But perhaps you meant "bad" to refer to quality of responder's major suit (e.g. "xxxxx" would be "bad" but "AQJTx" would not be "bad" even if both ...
Marion Gebhardt's bidding problem: 84 J94 A53 AT532
Partner: 5=5 majors, not strong enough to open
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: Q864 KQJT7 AJ A5
Thanks for the votes. Obviously, this problem is about when is a hand too strong for a simple overcall vs. when is it strong enough to double (without classic TO double shape) and rebid in a new suit. So clearly this is a matter of partnership understanding, i.e. no ...
What's your plan for bidding this hand?
Richard, I disagree with you. I have done extensive simulations on the issue of whether weak responder should "pull" 1NT to 2M when he holds a 5 card major and less than invitational values after 1x-1M-1N (opener 12-14 balanced, 2-3 in "M"). My simulations have shown that pulling to 2M ...
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