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Craig Zastera's lead problem: 5 T74 Q75 K87642
Well, there was a "right" answer to this problem on the actual deal, but the poll certainly does not support that this lead is "findable" single dummy. Opener's hand was: AKQxxx-AKQxx-A-x Dummy was: J9xx-xx-JTxx-Jxx So the winning lead is a club (holding declarer to 6). On any other lead ...
Leonard Helfgott's lead problem: J92 KQ3 732 J953
I didn't realize that this question was about which heart honor to lead. I chose HK (rather than HQ) because I thought that was the "standard" card to lead from this holding. Personally, I play Rusinow, so HQ (2nd from touching honors) would be the choice in my partnerships ...
Bridge Convention Card Editor (CCE) Version 1.1.29
I have been told by a knowledgable director that there is no requirement to use the exact ACBL convention card format in ACBL events. He said it is fine to modify/enhance/enlarge etc. the ACBL card in order to make it more suitable to describing your agreements. He said ...
Recommend a partnership style
Invitations are most efficient when they are accepted about 50% of the time. If they are nearly always accepted ("accept unless terrible") or rarely accepted (pass unless tip-top), they cannot gain very much vs. just bashing game (instead of "accept unless terrible" invite) or just passing without inviting (instead of ...
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: J9764 Q84 K9732 ---
I believe that it is *our* side that is playing Precision. Your comment sounds like you think East's 1 opener was Precision. I believe that is not the case. Of course, over a Precision 1 by East, I would certainly act with this South hand.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: 86 AQ98654 A6 A8
A useful convention, fairly popular I think, is to differentiate "forcing, choice of game" 3 2nd rebids from "help, please let me out in 3" garbage hand with long hearts type as follows: (a) with one (say the 3 sign-off type), bid 3 (b) with the ...
Continuation after minor suit reverse
I believe "Ingberman" uses the cheapest unbid strain as the (usually) weak relay, whereas "Lebensohl" uses 2NT. The difference only occurs on auctions 1-1M-2, where with Ingberman, 2OM is the artificial, usually weak relay, whereas with Lebensohl 2NT would serve that purpose. On all other reverse auctions, 2NT ...
Continuation after minor suit reverse
2 here is "Ingberman". Usually, it is a prelude to attempting to sign off over a minimum reverse. But it has a couple of stronger meanings: 1. if followed by 3NT, shows ~12-14 relatively balanced (with stopper(s) in 4th suit). Contrast this with immediate 3NT which is ~9-11 ...
Name that Call?
Should be a good hand with both minors. This is much better than defining it as RKCB because you have no other way to show the good minor 2-suiter. If you have a good (slammish) hand with support for partner's spades, you can bid either: (a) 5 This ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T953 J64 642 KT3
As someone with little experience playing big club, I am curious as to whether East's pass is forcing and (whether or not it is) what implications it might carry differentiating it from "double" or 1NT ? It would seem to me that since our side can never play a contract ...
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