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Richard Willey's bidding problem: 932 K942 9 AKT62
3, obviously "fit showing". No explicit prior agreement needed as this is just "common sense." If your partnership doesn't open very "light", might even try 4 (also fit showing). But my partner can be quite light for 3rd seat 1 (and might have only four s ...
Ninad More's bidding problem: 542 A3 J532 Q732
It is a happy accident that on OP hand 2NT appears to be the best choice whether it is Lebensohl *or* scrambling.
Ninad More's bidding problem: 542 A3 J532 Q732
No more so than "flagging" partner's double as "take-out". I also point to the large number of votes for 2NT as evidence that many share my view that 2NT here is not natural. I certainly would not have chosen that call with OP hand if I had thought it ...
What's this double (#206)
Martin, I am not necessarily claiming that our treatment is "best." I was merely describing our agreements. We prefer not to let the opponents' "noises" interfere with our auctions when we can avoid it. But to address you specific point, I think it is very dangerous to assume that just ...
Ninad More's bidding problem: 542 A3 J532 Q732
The reason is that I believe very few tournament level bridge players play 2NT as "natural" on this auction. The "controversy", if there is one, is whether this 2NT is better used as Lebensohl to help advancer differentiate hand strengths without going beyond the 3 level, *or* whether this 2NT ...
What's this double (#206)
I do not know what is standard. But in our partnership, after 1M-2M, we play "3-way game tries". In particular, after 1-2, 2 is a relay showing a "short suit" game (or slam) try in an unspecified suit. Responder can bid 2NT to enquire which is opener ...
Ninad More's bidding problem: 542 A3 J532 Q732
If 2NT is "natural" then you should have made that clear in the original post as very few people would otherwise assume that. My guess is that virtually all those votes for 2NT were based on the belief that call was either (a) Lebensohl or (b) scrambling--pick a minor. I ...
Gerben Dirksen's bidding problem: KT9 AQJT876 K2 5
I would like 5 a lot except that I think partner will believe (as I would) that it is asking him to bid 6 if he has a control. Hence, I settle for 4, planning 5 next time (hopefully over partner's 4).
Ninad More's bidding problem: 542 A3 J532 Q732
I think 2NT here is Lebensohl. It has a secondary benefit here in that partner might rebid 3 with an "ELC" hand type. Whichever minor he bids at the 3 level, I pass. If you made my hand stronger, say xxx-Ax-Qxxx-Kxxx, I would have to "guess" a minor as ...
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: 8732 AK8 AQ982 J
I think it is pretty standard to respond 4 card majors "up the line". Or are you suggesting a 2 response to establish the GF immediately? I never considered that, although I often respond 2 rather than 1 to a 1 opening with GF values and ...
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