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Craig Zastera
Craig Zastera
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June 28, 2012
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about me

Retired software engineer (Microsoft), living in Woodinville, WA.

Have played bridge since high school (starting 1965).

One national championship (Silver Ribbon Pairs) and a couple of 2nds in under 5000 national events.

United States of America

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Diamond Life Master
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Chris Chen's bidding problem: AK QJ KQJT53 AKT
Over 4, opener should bid 4. A clearer way to indicate interest in a slam but lacking a control I cannot imagine.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: K974 J872 K4 AQ7
Partner doesn't have "xx" in s or anything similar to that (e.g. "xxx"). Partner has :Kxxx or something similar.
Bill March's bidding problem: 54 A54 AKQJ6 963
I consider 1 clear-cut and 1NT horrible. It's not so much that I'm worried about having only 14 HCPs. It's that 1NT openings with *2* wide open suits are to be avoided if there is any reasonable alternative.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: K974 J872 K4 AQ7
4 doesn't have to make, but I think I must bid it with my excellent "help." Even opposite, e.g. AQxxx-xx-xx-Kxxx (which I regard as very minimum for partner's bidding), 4 needs little more than finding A onside. I don't stop off to cue-bid ...
Russell Samuel's bidding problem: xx xx AQxxx Qxxx
4 is forcing (and slammish) so not appropriate with this OP hand. 3 is also forcing and seems like best choice with this hand. If opener rebids 3NT, great (i.e. I pass). If he rebids 3 or 3, I bid 4 which I think ...
Russell Samuel's bidding problem: xx KQx Ax AKTxxx
Not only is 4 forcing, but it shows definite slam interest. A good way to play this 4 is "QKC" (Quantitative keycard ask). That means opener responds keycards "Minorwood" if opener "likes" his hand for a slam in context. But if opener wants to back-peddle and discourage ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: A5 J KJT954 T843
I play transfer advances. They do not affect NT advances which remain natural. On particular OP auction, playing transfer advances: 1N: natural 2: natural 2: s (transfer advance) 2: strong raise (LR+) 2: weaker raise 2N: natural, invitational 3/3: fit jumps ...
Jacob Freeman's bidding problem: 76432 63 AKJT6 6
Pass would be OK. But not 2 planning on 2 over (2) later as that would show a good hand with 4=6 (maybe 4=7) in our methods. We always show our 2-suiters (5+-5+) right away, so bidding differently shows some other shape. I don ...
Sathya Bettadapura's bidding problem: 3 9654 AQJ7 KQJ5
I would never bid 3 with this hand. IMO, the choice is between 2 (natural, not promising extra values, denies 5+ s) and 3 (splinter in support of s). I went for the splinter raise despite its being space-consuming. xxxx-A-Kxx-Axxxx opposite is enough for slam.
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: 9642 632 J962 A8
Too weak for a 2-level negative double IMO. 2 seems like plenty.
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