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FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
You don't specify whether this is matchpoints or IMPs. I think it is important which. Either way, PASS over (5) by South is not forcing. The auction does not make it clear that South has a strong hand in HCPs--he might have bid 4 on big shape ...
What does double mean in this auction?
Even in your 2nd (better) example, our side has a guaranteed 8+ card fit, whereas in the OP's problem we do not. I think the double just means "I not want to defend (2) undoubled--your choice between passing for penalties, competing to 3, or even competing ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: KJ9852 976 --- 8632
I think opening 2 (in 1st/2nd chair) is incompatible with a (or any other) void. A void is too volatile and unexpected an asset (or liability) and will too often cause partner to misjudge.
What's your play here?
I cannot see how the (very poor) defense you suggest is sufficient to allow 3NT to make. Let East discard his two low s as fast as possible. After that, E-W have to do little more than keep their high cards to defeat 3NT. East's pitching both s early ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: KJ9852 976 --- 8632
Assuming that the 2 response in comp was forcing on opener had 4th hand passed, then the answer is "yes"--opener can pass (2) and expect responder to take a call. This is much better than requiring opener to make some "free" rebid that may be mis-descriptive. This ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: KJ9852 976 --- 8632
Jeff, I am having trouble understanding how 4 can be forcing and yet not promise a fit (say at least Hx). Opener's exact number of s is known (6). Assuming 4th hand passes, what is opener supposed to rebid, particularly when he lacks support? I assume ...
You may be crazy, but I don't regard your choice on this hand as strong evidence either way. I once had a friend who was a very good player who disliked opening 1NT when he held four s and strongly disliked doing so when he was 4=4 in ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: KJ9852 976 --- 8632
John, I did not interpret OP this way. Because he said that 4 was forcing to 4, I interpreted the 4 bid as a "fit non-jump.". That means partner expects us to make (or at least have a good play for) 4 and is showing his ...
I need help with probabilities
I generated 100 random deals where you have: :KJxx and a total of 8 HCPs. I made no assumptions about lengths of your other suits (even though I suspect you probably meant that you have no suit longer than four cards). I gave your partner 7 HCPs. I gave ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: KJ9852 976 --- 8632
(a) I wouldn't open 2 with this hand (but who cares?) (b) If we have agreements such that partner's 4 has created a force on our side to at least 4, then clearly we are in a force over (4) in the sense that ...
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