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Which, if any, is the agreed trump suit?
In my partnerships we used to have a Kickback "rule" that there was no auction where two different bids would both be Kickback (but for two different suits). That is, with this agreement, for any auction there was at most *one* suit in which a bid of 4 of the ...
How to reach 6!d after a silly interference
I think removing 3NT to 4 is better than to 4. The problem with 4 is that it is passable--not clearly a slam try as might just be big shape with minimal HCPs. But removing 3NT to 4 is clearly 100% forcing and a slam try.
Who should handle this psyche better?
As long as 2NT by South is regarded as invitational rather than "corrective", 2NT is enough. North has about as big a passed hand as possible and will have an easy raise to 3NT (sadly, probably garnering no more matchpoints than 2NT).
Who should handle this psyche better?
Even if you reach 3NT (making 3), you will lose to the field in 4 (making).
Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: A76 AKJ943 75 K4
Assuming fit jumps, I like 4--a GF fit jump as described in Robson & Segal "Partnership bidding at Bridge.": "Time to extract a few ‘rules’ to cover auctions where partner has overcalled and RHO passes: .... (2) All non-game jumps into new suits show fits (as well as a jump to ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK3 A5 KT84 QJ74
2NT scrambling (i.e. pick a minor here).
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: 3 Q62 KT96 A9854
I don't think a 3 "criss-cross" game invitational raise is sound with only four s. Can't opener have a 4=4=3=2 minimum (i.e. a weak NT)? Given your methods, I think 1 is the best shot. I suppose the "orthodox" bid would ...
How does one go about it?
I could be convinced that because of the competition, 5 by East would not carry the "normal" meaning of a "free 5M", i.e. forcing to slam if partner has a control (with the structured responses I outlined above). However, there is NO WAY I would agree ...
Which, if any, is the agreed trump suit?
Yes, "Kickback" is a key-card ask using 4 of the strain directly above the agreed trump suit (so 4NT is the key-card ask only when s are trump). The advantage is that all four replies can be made without going beyond 5 of the trump suit. Over such replies, 5 ...
3 practice finesses on one hand! all winning!
I "reversed the dummy" (:-)) references. Thanks
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