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Eric Sieg's bidding problem: 2 JT942 AT3 QJ54
I think "Pass" is quite rational, probably the best choice, if it is *FORCING*. That is, if it is inviting partner to bid on to 5 (based on stiff with no wasted HCPs in that suit, extra card in the suit, fit with partner's s, and ...
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: 2 JT942 AT3 QJ54
I think there are several important questions here which OP did not mention nor has anyone discussed: 1. If East passes (4), is that pass forcing? I know that forcing passes seem to be out of favor these days, so I'm guessing that most would answer "no." But ...
Karen Walker's bidding problem: KQ4 KJ74 Q75 953
I believe that if 2 bid does not promise an actual suit, then it is alertable whatever it means. I suspect that few play that 2 here is "natural", i.e. promising a suit.
Missed game - who was more responsible
Two 1000 deal simulations of E/W hands gave the following results: 1. with no N/S constraints: 4E made on 90.1% of the deals 2. with some reasonable constraints to account for South's passed hand 1 overcall and North's raise: 4E made on ...
Missed game - who was more responsible
I see this as largely about methods. Now I don't play weak 1NT openings much, so perhaps some of what I suggest might require adjustment if playing that. But in my methods (strong NT), a DOUBLE by opener on this auction would be an "extra values support double". That ...
Karen Walker's bidding problem: KQ4 KJ74 Q75 953
You probably should mention what methods apply here. I picked 3 under the assumption that would be natural, invitational. But I don't actually play that way. We use "XYZ", so for us 3 would be GF and natural, probably with some slam interest. Using my methods, I ...
Johan Karlsson's bidding problem: --- KQT952 Q2 T8754
Good example of why Texas Transfers should be "on" in competition.
What's wrong with opening 1!h?
You want to leave maximum room to explore for slam when responder has the 3 card LR, hence 3 with that hand type. When responder has the bad hand with 3 card support (too weak for a raise to 2), there will not be a slam, so ...
What's wrong with opening 1!h?
There is also nothing wrong with opening 1 with a void and 18 HCPs .... *IF* you are playing a strong system. "Canape" is a whole different system where it is "normal" to open one's second longest suit, etc. That is not the same thing as opening ...
Lame Claims
Seems like declarer gets all the tricks on both even though having displayed cluelessness. On first, obviously going to bang down AK and not going to throw away dummy's T. Anything else would be beyond "careless". On second, to carry out his "announced plan" of taking finesse would ...
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