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Craig Biddle
Craig Biddle
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Aug. 3, 2010
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Bridge Player
about me

USBF Junior mentor (having a great time with a half-dozen [now 8] very eager youngsters from 12-16).  Nearly made the top 500 in 2017, planning a stronger effort in 2019.

Occasionally play on BBO against Cayne and his pros, or Richard Pavlicek and partner.  I enjoy the opportunity to play against that caliber of players.  Win occasionally, too.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Multiple GNT District wins back in the day, Once had 5 BRQ's in 9 tries but nobody noticed because it took 7 years and 3 cities. Four straight 2nd day quals in Platinum Point events.
Regular Bridge Partners
Phil Goulding, Fred Schenker
Favorite Tournaments
Pittsburgh Labor Day Regional
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Ruby Life Master
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hoping for mistakes, finding a miracle
nice hand, nice play
After 2!h double negative to 2!c
All I know is that, if I were to pass partner's 2 response with, say, AKJx AKxxx AK xx, partner would have xx xxxxxx Qxxxx void. As you may surmise, I am not enamored of this method.
After 2!h double negative to 2!c
New suits by an unlimited hand is a common meta-agreement.
Carding Question
Until they ban you for life. Or until you hire a better attorney than they do.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK3 A5 KT84 QJ74
As I said in my reply to Richard, what if he doesn't have one? 2=5=3=3 is surely a likely pattern for him, it's probably close to 40% of all the hands he is doubling on. So my matchpoint expectancy for 2NT is probably below 50 ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK3 A5 KT84 QJ74
You're probably right about the diamond lead. As I said, I should just bang out trumps and be sure of stuffing declarer in hand. My thinking was that partner probably had 3 of KQ AQ AK, or both aces. Thus AA, or AQQ, or KKQ, or KQQ. In that ...
the wait is over
Great hand!
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK3 A5 KT84 QJ74
I didn't see Richard's poll. I think pass is clear, and I did so at the table. Dummy rates to be broke, and I can just play three rounds of spades on the go to endplay declarer. But I led a diamond. This shouldn't cost, dummy had ...
Congratulations Greg Lawler
Great accomplishment. Congratulations!
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK3 A5 KT84 QJ74
:) On my lead problem thread, you said you wouldn't pass the double. Here's your chance, and you duck and cover!

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