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Sept. 6, 2015
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Chung Lau's bidding problem: AK987 KQ3 --- QT864
Is 4C forcing?
Signalling trick one
We play standard signals, not UDCA. My question really is this: should we have an agreement to show count or attitude when an Ace of an unbid suit is led? If we always give count, then the 9 is the right play, although leader won't know ehere is the ...
Signalling trick one
Got it, thanks!
Signalling trick one
Thanks. I don't know how to create a hand diagram.
Chung Lau's bidding problem: AK52 AKT8 QJ82 6
Responder will find out they have the AK of the majors so there is no loser in those suits, given that responder has only a maximum of 4 cards in the majors. Now if he has the Queen in either of those suits, those are now very valuable.
Chung Lau's bidding problem: AK52 AKT8 QJ82 6
Let's say OP uses Blackwood, and finds out they have all the key cards, how does he know to stop at 6D, go to 7D or 7NT? He could bid 5N and find out they have the club K. He can count 6 winners in the side-tricks, and 5 ...
Chung Lau's bidding problem: AK52 AKT8 QJ82 6
How about bidding 4S and let partner use Blackwood? He may be in better position to judge what is the best final contract.
Chung Lau's bidding problem: AJ654 J876 87 65
Just saw basically the same hand in this morning's JEC match on BBO. JEC's partner smispi (Dano del Falco) bid 2S, holding the 5 card spade suit headed by K, and a side queen. His counterpart at the other table blasted into 4S. 4S was -2, and 2S ...
Chung Lau's bidding problem: AJ654 J876 87 65
We play 2/1 forcing 1NT.
Chung Lau's bidding problem: KQ93 A5 A6 AJ765
If opener has Axx, KQ, xx, KQxxxx, grand slam depends on spades breaking 3-3, or JT dropping. Not a very good grand. You really want to see him with KQx in a red suit. The problem with checking for Kings is it still does not tell you if it is ...
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