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Christopher Monsour
Christopher Monsour
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Nov. 8, 2012
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against a pro-client pair in a team game in 1995, pro on my left. On the previous hand my partner made a light 3NT, and this time I have bid 3NT even more aggressively. The client leads, and as I put down dummy I say "I know this isn't much but you played the last one so well", and the pro says (disapproving of his partner's lead again) "You sure picked your mark".
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Chicago Invitational Pairs (1996) prior to Becoming a Life Master; 2nd in 5K mini-Spingold in 2006; a number of overall finishes in NABC+ events; made it to second day of Reisinger in 2012
Favorite Conventions
Transfer advances, transfer rebids, etc.
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
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Early Finesse
Actually, I suppose you could argue that Kx with West is impossible as he would not have ruffed. That still leaves playing the ace favored 66:45 just on frequency grounds.
Early Finesse
Is there a standard meaning for "IMP-odds"? I would have thought that incorporated the totality of IMP considerations...i.e., both frequency and the amount of gain or loss, and that the latter alone would be called something like "IMP gain or loss". The IMP-odds here in the sense I ...
Early Finesse
The case against the finesse is much stronger even than Kit states. Given the 6-1 heart break, the odds of West having started with trump x, xx, Kx, or Kxx are in the portions 12:33:33:66. Thus, playing the ace gains in 99 cases out of 144, and ...
Early Finesse
Surely one doesn't need 14 HCP to raise with three spades, and surely with 17 HCP and a void you'd probably do better to pass unless your 17 HCP are fast tricks?
Early Finesse
One point about the bidding is that it is substantially less good to open this hand 4 than the same hand with the hearts swapped with one of the minors. The three-card heart holding makes it substantially less likely that the opponents have a heart fit. It the opponent ...
For Those Who Play Good/Bad 2NT
I missed the 2 bid. Yes 3-4 is more reasonable.
For Those Who Play Good/Bad 2NT
I don't see how 2NT could be good/bad here. If responder had a long minor with any values he had a 2 or 2 bid available last round as just a one-round force (2) or non-forcing (2). If the 1NT range was 7-11, I ...
Revisiting Raptor
We're misunderstanding each other, I think. I said that you can miss spade playing traditional Raptor (either major). My "shut out" comment was in reference to the opponents' major. Any form of Raptor denies the opponents the ability to bid the other major at the one-level. I find this ...
Revisiting Raptor
You miss spades (or hearts) playing traditional Raptor for the same reason you miss your major frequently when you play DONT vs their 1NT. Advamcer holding one major know 2 or 2 is safe but doesn't know that he is safe past that level, when he doesn ...
Legal Agreement or not?
I think this is right. That's why I suggested 5X.

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