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Christopher Monsour
Christopher Monsour
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Nov. 8, 2012
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against a pro-client pair in a team game in 1995, pro on my left. On the previous hand my partner made a light 3NT, and this time I have bid 3NT even more aggressively. The client leads, and as I put down dummy I say "I know this isn't much but you played the last one so well", and the pro says (disapproving of his partner's lead again) "You sure picked your mark".
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Chicago Invitational Pairs (1996) prior to Becoming a Life Master; 2nd in 5K mini-Spingold in 2006; a number of overall finishes in NABC+ events; made it to second day of Reisinger in 2012
Favorite Conventions
Transfer advances, transfer rebids, etc.
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Best defense... ? (to be cont.)
True, but if South has A KJxxxx A 107xxx, we can still only come to 3 tricks after a club ruff, since we can't stop two discards. I suppose if South has seven hearts he might not have both aces. But then if partner is ruffing the club, declarer ...
Partner forgets agreement/ UI/ Fielding a psych
Even if partner had intentionally psyched, this wan't fielding. There is clearly no issue of unauthorized information. The potential issue is misinformation. If this was marked on both your convention cards, there should be no issue. If marked only on yours, I think the opponents have a case that ...
The Best Bridge Writer Poll
I would also find it difficult to vote for Reese even if I thought he were best.
Best defense... ? (to be cont.)
So basically we need South to hold something like Ax KJ10xxx A 7xxx and find a way to tangle his transportation, yes?
Follow-up: Opener's 2nd rebid
Does "may be fragment" mean "may be fragment instead of a 4+ card suit" or does it mean "may also not even be a fragment"?
It is quite common that this bid shows hearts. Even the BBO bots bid that way.
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
"2/1" isn't synonymous with "2/1 GF", just like there a club systems (e.g., Polish Club) that are not strong club systems.
Your Legal/Etiquette View
I agree, but change the laws. (Or state that you are willing to claim conditional on being able to see their hands before the next board starts.)
Board 8, Zimmermann Cup quarterfinal
Also pretty unbelievable that when Duboin summons the director at the end of the hand, one of NS has the gall to say "what's the matter?"
Board 8, Zimmermann Cup quarterfinal
There seemed to be a lot of coughing after the 5 bid was made. Presumably editorial coughing by EW, and richly deserved by NS (or, should I say, by BS).

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