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Christopher Diamond
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July 5, 2015
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Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: AQT --- KT8643 AKQ8
Glad to see you got a short sentence, for whatever it was Eric. :-) I don't think it suggests my suit is better than his. I think it is exploratory and forcing (in this case, obviously, a GF). I'd expect him to emphasize a good (for a second seat ...
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: AQT --- KT8643 AKQ8
Sometimes with the terrible heart suit he has diamond cards too. And he can actually have a good heart suit that he'll default to over 4D. With the same suits as Keiran's and QJx of diamonds we'll have a play for 5D. With these cards, we're ...
Standard Definition of a Limit Raise Response to a Major Suit opening
There's invitations these days at IMP's. At MP's or BAM in an era of light openers I'm guessing a LR shows some outside defensive values since most 9 card fits are going to end up at the 3 level anyway. I was actually going to post ...
What's partner trying to signal ? - Part I
Was H2 a count card?
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: 72 A3 AQT9865 KT
I was waiting patiently for the Hamman answer. 3NT was actually the only making game with the spade ace and diamond jack opposite. The opponents are still likely to bid 4H. I was going to repost it after 3S-4H-P-P. But I guess I've blown that now. :-)
Dan Wilderman's bidding problem: J975 A4 JT953 87
A kind of interesting problem. Not a big fan of support doubles in non big club systems. This seems to be another reason why....explore a spade fit. Find a spade fit of sorts and then raise the opening suit. Is it, as here, a sign off (if that's ...
Bridge Down Under - Aussies Come Through Again!
Sounds like a fun tournament. I have to make my way down there sometime. A little concerned about hanging around with people like Magnus "I don't get hangovers" Moren. But I'll deal with it. :-)
2018 Gold Coast Teams won by mixed England/Australian Team
Congratulations to the winners. Especially Renee. Also, I'd like to congratulate my compatriots Nick Stock and Mike Yuen on a great performance. From all accounts a fantastic tournament. Hoping to hear of more future successes by Ms. Cooper.
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: 54 KJ2 AJ974 A95
Thanks, good to know. :-)
Mike Dorn Wiss's bidding problem: 7 AQ63 AT AQT965
You got the timing wrong. Scratch the convention off the card, then bid 5C. :-)

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