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Christina Lund Madsen
Christina Lund Madsen
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Member Since
July 31, 2011
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July 10
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Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge is my job, my hobby, my lover and my friend.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first junior camp
Bridge Accomplishments
European mixed teams winner 2015, Nordic Champion (2013 and 2015) blabla...
Regular Bridge Partners
And irregular ones as well
Member of Bridge Club(s)
One-Eyed Jacks (Denmark)
Favorite Tournaments
The ones I win
Favorite Conventions
MULTI (which is why I rarely play NABC pair events - change those bloody rules and let people learn how to defend themselves)
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Interview with WBF President Rona
To my knowledge none of the Scandinavian countries receive any support from the IOC involvement.
Multi 2!d Continuations
I play multi as weak and wide-ranged and love it: Pass = Doesn't promise diamonds. Just shows that we're willing to play 2♦ undoubled. 2♥ = P/C 2♠ = Inv. with hearts or a hand trying to rightside the contract (being almost certain partner has spades, but of course still ...
2!D Multi, defense question
2N should always be natural, new suit forcing and the other major as cuebid. This is simple. I would use a lot more energy on agreements after responder to the multi-opener interferes (with anything). If they D (ambigious or not), what do you play? If they bid a major, what ...
Brink and Drijver out due to their "professional engagements"
Isn't it absolutely clear what the reasons are? First of all this was published in Dutch on the Dutch Federation's website. The NBB cannot be blamed that other bridge media has translated the relatively short statement and reposted it. As for why the NBB would post this: Brink ...
The Best Bridge Writer Poll
I find this poll meaningsless without Krzysztof Martens. Aside from that, I enjoyed Sontag's Bridge Bum more than any bridge book I ever read. But I might also have a different notion of writing about bridge. This list is quite symbolic for how little bridge writing has developed.
When will the WBF post details for Orlando?
It will never be possible that a team will get more spots in the finals than the number of pairs from their team. The drop in-rules will state that. If 2 pairs want to play and a third pair with each their partner, the team has to decide who gets ...
When will the WBF post details for Orlando?
Though it is not to my benefit, I actually do not disagree with you, Paul. However I also think it is wrong if the schedule prevents so many of the best players from competing in the pairs. I was not planning to play with a client (because of the schedule ...
When will the WBF post details for Orlando?
Hi Debbie, I wrote a long detailed post above before I saw they had posted the schedule, so I suggest you look at that :-) However I just want to comment on the overlap between the teams finals and the pairs finals. There was an even bigger overlap before in the ...
When will the WBF post details for Orlando?
Ok, now I see they posted the schedule while I wrote this post... I will leave my post up since I wrote it... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Debbie, I am really sorry I did not see you post till now. I would have replied sooner. I noted that the mixed events in total had ...
When will the WBF post details for Orlando?
I actually had a meeting and sent them an email in San Diego with suggestions regarding the schedule because I see a huge conflict with the outlined schedule that might cost a lot of money because of lower attendance. I pray that they actually consider my suggestions and that is ...

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