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Chris Derrick
Chris Derrick
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July 29, 2013
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about me

English Junior U25

PhD Student in Developmental Biology, Sheffield University, UK

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Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: AK7632 AQ4 54 KQ
Might have tried 3 over 2 (hence 7N), but I agree with Richard and would now pass.
What does this double mean?
X of Natural NTs are for penalties as a blanket rule
1!D opener rebid after 2!C(GF) response
Voted for Kokish but: 1 is unbalanced with 5+ or 1444/4441 (can be 14-16 bal. in 1st NV). 2 includes all FG diamond raises too (as 1 - 2 is Rev. Flannery): 1 - 2 - 2 is 1444 or 4441 1 - 2 ...
Chris Derrick's lead problem: A8753 KJ6 J J986
Barrie and Sue do!
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: --- AKJ AK9754 K975
My exact thought at the table: "What if partner is (34)33?"
Too good to sign off?
You should probably bid 4!
Too good to sign off?
Where does the hand rank in what partner expects a minimum 1 overcall to look like?
Are system psych allowed?
Agreeing to psych = agreement. It needs to be disclosed, on the card and alerted according to the region's rules.
3NT - perhaps this is where Jim is heading
With (1) 2 (3) P; (P) 3N as 64R
Chris Derrick's bidding problem: 9853 A96 --- KJ8742
Club game. Passes in tempo, RHO stronger than LHO.

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