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Charles Blair
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Oct. 12, 2015
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Oct. 12
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Dogged participant in Richard Pavlicek's monthly competitions. Life Master (USA) after 50+ years.
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Defensive carding: "let declarer tell me what he has". General principle: "The most effective sign-off is `pass'."
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bridge experts with gambling addiction?
I have learned some things I did not previously know about addiction, and hope I did not offend too many people by starting this thread.
Poll: 1!C or 1!D when 4=4=3=2?
My apologies! I overlooked the "in ---" when I complained about the text.
Poll: 1!C or 1!D when 4=4=3=2?
My thanks that the title has been changed, although the text still refers to "4-4-3-2," not 4=4=3=2".
Poll: 1!C or 1!D when 4=4=3=2?
Am I the only one who misread the question? I thought it was about what you open with 4-4 in the minors. I think Richard Pavlicek recommends using equals signs (4=4=3=2) when specific suits are intended.
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
I think I'm not the only one in this thread that reserves the immediate raise on three trumps for better-than-minimum hands.
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
I don't know "Meckwell Precision" (did they ever write a book?), but couldn't a 2 rebid be 1=4=3=5 ? When I posted this, I thought it was clear without explicit statement that a strong-club system was not being used.
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
I pass at imps. At matchpoints, I bid 2 over 2. It may be a bad result, but partner has a better picture of my hand than if I had bid 2 instead of 2.
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
Thank you for the "nicely phrased." So far, this poll has had many fewer "other" and "abstain" responses than I usually get. :)
Punishing partner or ethical?
I seem to have been misguided in multiple ways. Sorry I wasted everyone's time.
Am I just wrong?
This might be a more interesting problem at IMP scoring

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