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My ACBL NABC Online Individual Journey - Day 3
I don't know where you get your defensive robots. I just finished playing 48 boards aqainst TRIPLE DUMMY robot defenses. I think the robots dropped only one trick at double dummy (except once where my robot PARTNER refused to give me the setting-trick ruff I was SCREAMING for).
Jim Munday Wins Another BBO Individual Practice Session!
In a recent topic I posted "Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals" I proposed that the human player's FIRST call on every board be made by a robot. This drew minor support and considerable derision, but I am convinced it would be a much better test of bridge ...
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
If you look at the boards where Justin got most of his tops and near-tops, he opened the bidding in his (by far) worst minor, and the bots co-operated by giving gifts. My "censorship" would prevent this nonsense.
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
For the reasons I specified in the title of this post and in the body: "This will greatly increase the number of similar contracts and similar opening leads on boards, and take away much of the "robot gaming luck"."
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
But in a 96 board tournament, why should you semi-psyche on half the boards, risking getting a near zero on perhaps 20 of them when your robot partner or you guess wrong, or the robot opponents figure a correct defense?
Anatomy of a 97% game
GIB does not give standard count to me. When following suit with 92 or 962 on my King or A lead, it plays 2. So I always have to guess, like when I have AKJTxx and dummy has Qx and very small trumps, whether to continue. I find this very ...
Jim Mundy Nails ACBL Online Practice Day 2 with 98.66% Game
I wrote an article on how this was done - but I failed to hit the "Publish" button so I will use this topic: He opened 1NT on most hands 13+; 2NT with 17, and 2C showing 22+ with 21, and then had the cards lying well. Bd 1 With pard ...
What will be the winning score of the NABC Individual ?
On Board ten he makes a clear error of not taking the first D with DA in hand. He still gets 95%.
What will be the winning score of the NABC Individual ?
There will NOT be anywhere near 15,000 players. I played in the two practice rounds July 5 and 6, fully intending to play in the real thing. I had what I thought was a nice game in Session One that turned out to be only 58%. My friends and ...
2-Day Free NABC Practice Tournament Wed - Thu on BBO, ACBL members only
I played in the Practice Match. My Robot pard opened 4C in first seat, NV vs V. I held KQ5 A9xxxx K K63 and after much deliberation I passed, expecting to lose two aces plus probably a heart trick playing in clubs; or two aces plus two hearts playing in ...
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